Have you ever wanted to spend the entire shift simply saying “no” so that your true pessimistic self can shine without being told about it? Now, Negative Nancy may be the ideal game for you.

Now available in Europe (currently 15% off, priced at £ 9.68) and coming to Switch eShop on Saturday, October 23, Negative Nancy is a twisted, adventure story-based game of your own. is. : I can only say “no”.

You play as a famous Nancy, retail clerk stuck in a terrible job with an angry customer and a delusional boss who ruins your day.Thankfully, unlike in real life, when you play as Nancy, you don’t have to worry about not being fired by speaking your mind, you can spend all your time talking to people. Where are you going.. It’s a simple concept, but as you can see in the trailer above, it seems to have been delivered with a comical twist.

Technically, you can say nothing at all if you want. This can lead to different stories. It is said that there are various characters that you will meet with “four deeply branched stories where you can find many endings”.

As anyone who has worked in retail says, customers are definitely it’s not Always correct. This is your chance to talk to them.