Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

NBA 2K22 drops to $ 26 on Black Friday PS5 and Xbox ($ 44 savings)

Black Friday deals are in full swing and it all started with great success! NBA 2K22 is now $ 26 PS5 When Xbox series X.. This is a great deal for the game just released in September this year.

This transaction can save as much as $ 44 from the list price. If you’ve been waiting to get the NBA 2K22, you can’t find a better time now! This is arguably one of the best Black Friday deals I’ve ever seen, so don’t miss this great offer!

Best NBA 2K22 Black Friday Deal on PS5 and Xbox

Black Friday deal

NBA 2K22 (PS5 / PS4)

A copy of the PS4 is available for $ 24.99.

NBA 2K22 (Xbox Series X)

Compared to previous iterations, the NBA 2K22 offers a significant amount to basketball enthusiasts. This year’s release improves the stamina system, which has an improved offensive flow compared to the NBA 2K21, and makes welcome changes to the action on the court. Either way, it’s the latest update to the long line of NBA video games, so we can’t discuss the price. This could be yours for $ 26.

NBA 2K22 $ 26 for PS5 When Xbox series X This is an incredible deal to treat yourself or move your holiday shopping forward! We recommend that you get this transaction as soon as possible. It’s good not to be able to see it available before the end of Black Friday.

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