Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Naughty Dog seems to be developing a standalone multiplayer game

A recent job posting seems to indicate that Naughty Dog is developing an independent multiplayer game, the first of Last of Us studios. The first Last of Us game has a very beautiful multiplayer component, but it looks like Naughty Dog is developing something completely unique with a separate title.

As people have discovered VGC, Several new job lists share some insights into the work the studio is doing, namely the positions of game screenwriters and level designers. “Latest Adventure” called this “the studio’s first independent multiplayer game”. Naughty Dog has offered cooperative adventures in the past, as we mentioned in the first Last of Us game, but this looks completely different.

It seems that the game company does not intend to abandon its narrative roots through this move. Both lists show the desire to integrate powerful storytelling (known as Naughty Dog) into its ongoing multiplayer experience. This is very clear, especially in a checklist: “We are seeking to bring the same level of ambition and quality as our iconic story-driven game to this unique multiplayer project. This is a rare opportunity, It can have an impact on your subject and create an experience that will be enjoyed and shared by millions of players around the world.”

So the question remains: Will this be a new IP independent MP game or a game related to “The Last of Us”. As we mentioned in the E3 prediction video, I personally think this may be related to Part 2 of The Last of Us. We know that the Factions of the sequel have been postponed, and this delay may have inspired the team to promote it as a separate entity.

We don’t know anything at the moment, but as E3 is coming, Sony will hold its own showcase this summer, and we may soon see what will happen next for the first time. In the meantime, you can learn more about Part 2 of “The Last of Us” through our game center here.

What are your thoughts on this “independent” multiplayer experience? Do you think this is faction or something completely new? Use your hot topics to speak up in the comments section below!

[Source: Naughty Dog via VGC]

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