Monday, September 20th, 2021

‘My Summer Vacation’, by the maker of’Friday Monster Attack’, is getting an English translation

If you find it difficult to follow the progress of the harvest month/season story split, please be prepared for it.The short version of this story is that a video game translator named Samuel Messner just announced that they are developing My summer vacationIt is a Japanese game launched on PS1 in 2000 and ported to PSP in 2006.

The long version-if you care about the provenance, or want to know why this is exciting news-go a little deeper.

Attack of the monsters on Friday! A Tokyo Tale is a fascinating piece of life game, launched on 3DS in 2013, and has gathered a small group of fanatic followers for its anime style and down-to-earth town reimagining of the classic “Monster Invasion of Japan” story We gave it a score of 8/10 and praised this game for “a lovely and unforgettable experience that captures the essence of classic adult movies”; Nintendo’s official magazine gave it 86%, The critic Joe Skrebels said it made him “miss other people’s childhood.”


Do you stop here with us? This is where it gets complicated. Friday’s monster’s attack is part of a compilation called Guild02, This is again part of the Guild series, where the developer Level-5 worked with several game designers to make small and interesting projects. Guild01 includes Liberation Maiden, Weapon Shop De Omasse, Crimson Shroud and Aero Porter; Guild02 includes Friday’s monster attack, starship Damre and Insect Battle Tank. The last one is designed by Mega Man creator Keiji Inamune.

The designer who worked with Level-5 to design “Friday Monster Attack” is Kaz Ayabe, who is also the director of the Crayon Shin-Chan game announced on Nintendo Direct in Japan earlier this year.In Japan, Ayabe is probably best known for his work in his studio “Millennium Kitchen” and its series of works Boku no Natsuyasumi (“My summer vacation”). So far, “Friday Monster Attack” is the only English version produced by Millennium Kitchen.