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Mundaun Review (Switch eShop) | Nintendo Life

Accept our advice: If you receive a suspiciously detailed letter informing you that your loved one has passed away and urging you not to return to your hometown, please trust us-just let it lie as suggested.yield they We guess lying because it’s never good to go to a village, because Recent horror games (Also, let’s face real life) is a proof. Therefore, it is easy to understand that we encountered Mundaun’s opening letter—informing its protagonist of the death of his grandfather—with considerable suspicion, which turned out to be valid.

Look, Mundaun is a first-person horror game that allows you to investigate the suspicious deaths mentioned above, and then return to the nominal village for investigation. this is That’s what we said not to do! The investigation takes the form of exploring, finding objects, solving puzzles, and occasionally piercing a human-shaped hay bale with a pitchfork. So usually.

The controls are great-the unobtrusive first-person controls are exactly similar to what you have experienced a million times before. This is not a criticism, they are easy to grasp, which means you will never feel any mechanical disconnection from a terrible program.

The scary thing is that when you stop, turn off your erasing tape, and walk into Mundaun, you find yourself sucked into a painting and relive the fire that allegedly killed your grandfather; in hindsight, it might be Someone who made some wrong decisions in his time. You bear the brunt of the old man’s mistakes in the form of terrible beekeepers who shoot their pollinator boxers at you. Good thing, thank you grandpa.

What you need to protect yourself is the pitchfork mentioned earlier-this is Rubbish Compared with Caleb’s one blood -There is also a rifle that is also ineffective, which you will pick up later in the game. Fortunately, Mundaun’s battle is secondary to the adventurous game-like feeling, which is very effective in bringing fear.

The programs on its main map have a commendable diversity. Even if it takes seven or eight hours to complete, we have never found the same or uninteresting thing. The mystery of Mundaun is well told and presented. Although there are some well-designed jumping scares, it mainly involves dripping feeding a clear sense of fear. A good, non-spoiler example (believe me, we are working hard not to spoil anything) is the sequence of mirrors you accidentally see in a farmhouse. This is one of the more disturbing fixtures-disturbing device? ——We remember seeing it a long time later, just because when you know something is happening, you still don’t know what it is.

Although fighting is not encouraged (you can pass the game without real fighting), you can improve your health, marksmanship and-ooer-sanity. We are not willing to destroy this effect, but for fans of eternal darkness and amnesia It may seem familiar. Your next goal is always clear, and you can track your clues through the notebook in the game. For the finisher, there are optional targets and hidden radio frequencies. This is a full-featured game, not the walking simulator you thought you liked at first, as we did. This is not a difficult game, and it will not “waste your time”-walking around is more than just walking-and Mundaun obviously really wants you to complete its story. If you have enough funds to run away when the situation becomes tricky, then you are unlikely to die.

To some extent, it is painful to bring up the visual effects of the game. They are a strange, creepy monochromatic, sepia and evocative pencil drawing, subtly alluding to the passage of time and the mystery of mystery. In theory, this might be a compelling and impressive style, but the Switch — especially in handheld devices — will definitely murder it in some places. There are a lot of ugly pop-up windows, and it is usually easy to be attracted by the sparkles and the same things. We strive to find the key items because they are simply integrated with the scenery. It is not enough to stop the game from becoming interesting, but it is definitely a sign against it.

The performance is very good, always maintaining a stable 30fps, the sound design is also great, all dialogues use the rarely used language Romansh. This is a great way to make players (well, most players) feel like the outsiders they have become.

in conclusion

Mundaun is not only influenced by the visual effects of the Switch, but also provides features beyond its appearance, and provides a powerful, continuously engaging adventure game. It’s not particularly scary, but it is full of atmosphere and has a lot of gameplay and great ideas. We found that it never affected its tone or fouled any game malfunctions, although as mentioned above, the visual effects are not fully satisfactory. However, this is a trivial matter, because Mundaun should let you follow one or more of its multiple endings from start to finish.

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