Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Mother 4 “Unofficial Fan Project” Revealed, This Is Your First Look

If you were screaming to release a new entry for Nintendo mother Series, if it sees the light of day, this is potentially the next best thing. A fan-made sequel to the acclaimed RPG series “Mother 4”.

There’s a 4-minute public trailer-introducing fans to a new character named Aaron and many other party members. There is a little more information from the game website:

“Three young men discover an unwelcome guest deep in the woods, and America is holding their heads! It’s touring America to deal with the aftermath of its fateful conference and unveil the story. It’s up to teenagers in the small town of Aaron behind the “lift shell”-an ancient artifact of great PSI power and suspicious origin. On a journey across the outskirts of Podunk and impossible dungeons, he meets the overconfident mechanic Maggie, a modest yet skilled trojan, and a dense but kind-hearted wizard Trisme. Along with many other loyal allies and bizarre enemies, they can lift the veil of unruly entities that pull the strings of the Earth, bend the rules and stack odds against heroes. The purpose is still unknown, but there’s nothing to worry about with the friends behind you, right? “

Obviously, concerns about Nintendo shutting down Mother 4 have already been raised, with a message at the beginning of the video showing how the project and developers aren’t partnering with Nintendo or Shigesato Itoi. I have.

“Mother 4 is an unofficial fan project whose developers have nothing to do with Nintendo, HAL Laboratory, Shigesato Itoi, or related parties. We are independent developers working on the game in their free time. If possible, please support Nintendo and Treasure Boss. “”

Don’t confuse this title either Strangeness -Another fan initiative that started as “Mother 4” and changed its brand name.

Still, Nintendo has a long history of ending fan projects. Earlier this year, Nintendo took action on a fan-made 2D Metroid Prime game. However, some believe that Nintendo will not chase after fan-made mother games.

For more information, please visit the Mother4 website.

So what is your first impression? Do you think Mother 4 will be ashamed of its name when it’s released? Please leave a comment below.