Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

More cotton games are emerging, including the very rare Panorama Cotton

Image: ININ game

Earlier this year we made a Western release of Cotton reboot!Acquired the title of the acclaimed but niche arcade shooter, more precisely the best port of the arcade, and introduced it to more viewers. That’s pretty good too.

Strictly Limited Games and ININGames are currently working together to bring more cotton titles to the console. Already known to definitely come to Switch is the Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute.This includes the 1997 title Cotton 2 And 1998 release Cotton boomeran When Guardian Force..

Two more games are in progress. Now we know they are coming to the “console” and make speculations based on the knowledge that they will also enter the switch market.

cotton 100% Originally appeared on the Super Nintendo in 1994 and then on the PlayStation 1 in 2003. The look and difficulty of this game should be a good starting point for beginners in the series and general shooters.

Probably the big news, however, is that Panorama cotton It has acquired the first digital release released on the Sega Mega Drive in 1994. This “pseudo 3D” shooter was considered a technical genius.and Than that It was unusual and expensive as it was a Japan-only release-our resident collector Damian McFerrand emphasized the facts. It has a list on eBay north of £ 500.. It’s great that it’s introduced to a new audience at a much more affordable price.

Panorama cotton
Image: ININ Games / SUCCESS

The press release did not specify a platform, but it is said that it will feature a “console”, and support for the switch seems to be a relatively safe bet.

As mentioned earlier, there are digital releases of these titles, but Strictly Limited Games and ININGames will start pre-ordering limited and collector’s editions “soon.”

Stay tuned for more detailed release information. In the meantime, let us know if you plan to buy any of these cotton titles.

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