Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Monster Hunter Rise x Sonic Collaboration Get Release Date and Great Trailer

You may be tired of us saying that Monster Hunter Rise Very good, but it’s teeth, And Capcom offers regular free updates to keep it fresh. The good news is that it has some quirky DLC crossovers as it used to be, followed by the resurrection of Sonic the Hedgehog (and Tales).

Capcom confirmed that it will arrive with a free update on November 26th and was pleased to welcome the top trailer.Like any other collaboration, it utilizes layered armor to give you and your companions. felt There are no particularly wild gameplay changes, but it’s about adding Sonic and Tales to the game. I don’t know where the ring will go in the trailer, but either way you can get an unlockable outfit for the event quest.

Not long before we can see Even more stupid While educating some giant monsters-if you plan to give the game another spin for these Sonic merchandise, let us know in the comments.