Image: Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise Currently the best-selling IP Nintendo system entry, in return for the quality of its changes and, of course, the growth of multi-platform franchises. Monster Hunter: World..

Last weekend, I won the highest award in the 2021 Game of the Year category of the Japan Game Awards. This was announced at the Tokyo Game Show. Investor press release Capcom also confirmed that the game shipped more than 7.5 million copies as of September 24th. This is an increase of about 500,000 since late May. The momentum is naturally flat, but it is still a game that can increase sales a lot.

For example, crossovers and collaborations are not yet complete. In late October Ghosts’n Goblins Resurrection, November will bring an explosion from the past with a sonic-themed update. After that, Rise will appear on the PC in January next year, further expanding the user base.

Then, following the model setting by the world, next summer there will be a “massive expansion” called Sunbreak.

It’s a good time to become a Monster Hunter fan.