Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Mon Amour, onion game “loose kissing game”, quickly soars to Switch

Onion Games is a studio with highly regarded developers on the team and has gained a lot of fans on platforms such as Switch. Month When Dandy Dungeon-The Legend of Brave Yamada..Well-known for its eccentric style, developers stick to a strange but intriguing approach. my love..

You can see some of that weirdness in the trailer above-described as a “loose kissing game”, you just like you, one button to navigate an increasingly tricky stage I only need one Have got I followed behind and kissed.

It looks ridiculous properly-check out some of the official descriptions below.

Story so far:
Three love-hungry witches have sent your princess to the nightmarish land of Babastil with all 64 members of her loyal royal palace! Only your kiss can save them all from a particular death!
Face terrifying monsters, marvel at the giant windmills and stay cool throughout the volcanic terrain! Please enjoy the dancing dolphins and haunted houses! To save all the Baron’s sweet mon-a-girls, your love must overcome all these traps and more scattered in the terrifying terrain!

But you are not alone:
As many of your rivals in love (Steam and Switch friends) pay a fortune in their lives for their own kisses, notifications of where they rang will be delivered to your kingdom! Pay attention to these DEATH NOTEs and try to stay ahead of the score over and over again!

Love is a song in my heart:
Calm your apologetic soul with the seamless styling of improvised vocal jazz! Mon Amour features a never-ending, ever-changing flow of scat as it spins towards true love!

Start with October 14th the price is $ 8.99USD / € 7,99 / £ 6.99, And pre-orders should now be published in the e-shop.

If you’re a big fan of onion games, it’s worth noting that it’s running a newsletter with some digital merchandise called secret onion sellers you can. Find here..

So is this for a wishlist?