Sunday, July 25th, 2021

Mojo Bones is developing a new Switch project-Chrono Faction

©Mojo Bones

Nintendo is also known as 2013 in the distant back of time Lunch break carnival -By the developer Mojo Bones- as part of the Indiecade show on 3DS; then, we saw it at the “Nindie” event after E3 in the second year and liked it very much in our reviews. This is an interesting game that uses the idea of ​​Breakout, dials through creative rollover phases and boss fights, and completes all this work in a visually impressive background.

This is a good example of the studio’s ability to adopt the arcade concept and work through various evolutionary steps. Now, after years of development and later hardware development, the studio is planning to return to Nintendo on the Switch.

Time Faction Stuart Ryall of the studio will make full use of the Switch hardware to send us interesting pictures of games running on their arcade machines and Nintendo’s small system.

Time Faction©Mojo Bones

What is that? Here are the inspirations we got and we also invite readers to submit their interest in multiplayer beta testing.

Time Faction It is a completely unique fusion of action/strategy, while focusing on single player and multiplayer games. Time-space One-to-one gameplay is also designed to take advantage of many configurations of Switch hardware. It will be fully announced soon.

In addition, if Nintendo Life The community wants to be interested in the beta test of hands-on game play, and they can send an email to the following address: [email protected]

There, you can tease at this stage and fully understand your way forward; as more details are announced, we will notify you in time.