Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Modders has already “fixed” some rain issues in Grand Theft Auto Trilogy

image: Via Digital Foundry

As you may have heard, rain is out of control Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy-The Definitive Edition.. Not only is it intense, but there are also some “classification problems” (emphasized by Digital Foundry) where things like puddles overlap before rain.

Unfortunately, Switch players have to wait for the official patch for the Nintendo Switch version of the game to be released, but as Kotaku reported, the mods seem to have come to the rescue on their PC and have already fixed it. I’m trying. Rain issue (this is after Rockstar has wiped out existing versions of GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas on the same platform).

These mods are named like “rainfix”, which essentially makes the rain more transparent. This makes it easy to see what you’re doing in each game world when it’s raining. Meanwhile, other mods are intervening to recover something like a missing radio station.

Hopefully, “Rain Fix”, as the owner and CEO of Grove Street Games (the studio behind the latest trilogy release) said last week that the development team was already updating their work. Is on the agenda.

“It’s so much fun to see players really enjoying what we put together. I honestly enjoy this unparalleled level of scrutiny in our studio. Today we While working on the update, we are celebrating the launch of our monumental project. “

Have you tried GTA Trilogy on Switch yet? What are your thoughts so far? Have you ever had a problem with rain in the game? Please leave a comment below.