Sunday, June 13th, 2021

Mobile, calculator-Nintendo Switch now has a puzzling expensive notepad

Remember when Nintendosphere was crazy about the overpriced calculator app on the Switch? Excellent, You didn’t see anything.

Yes, adding Calculator to our growing list of “expensive and unnecessary applications that you can almost certainly access elsewhere for free” is Notes, a notepad application that allows you to…remember notes.

We usually write a paragraph or two here about what makes the game tick, why we think it is ultimately worth your time, and review its details, but the eShop list is indeed better than us. The following is the official full description :

This is a simple and useful (good effect) notepad, whether you are a gamer or a non-game player, you can take notes quickly and easily. It has an automatic save function.

Is it just us, or does “it works perfectly” like something that would be put there by someone who knew that it didn’t work perfectly?

Either way, Notes will be launched on Switch eShop today. If you are interested in reminding yourself to eat or write down Zoey’s number (see the screenshot above for more context), you may want to download it as soon as possible.It currently sells for £1.48, but it will soon rise to Astonishing £9.99!

We want to know whether this will be physically released?

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