Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Miyamoto discusses the minion producer’s role as Nintendo’s “outside director”

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The translation of Nintendo’s recent question and answer meeting with shareholders has been published and shows Official translation The comments of the company’s president Shuntaro Furukawa and representative director and colleague Shigeru Miyamoto on the appointment of Chris Meledandri as the company’s “non-executive outside director” were the news that broke out in May this year.

As Furukawa explained, Meledandri is the founder of Illumination Entertainment, the company responsible for despicable Me Series and cooperated with Nintendo for the upcoming Super Mario movie project.

In keeping with the tone of the Q&A session, Furukawa’s comments are very model (you can Read them in translation), but Shigeru Miyamoto opened up a bit (emphasis small) Regarding the influence of the board’s hope that Meledandri’s opinions will have on the upcoming “video content” and related projects. He also talked about how the idea of ​​extending Mario into the movie came about after mobile game experiments showed the potential of an audience that Nintendo’s gaming system could not reach:

Although this is not directly related to his appointment as the director, I have worked with Chris for more than five years in Super Mario movies. Through this relationship, I think he really understands Nintendo’s point of view. I think it’s not easy for overseas media creators to understand Nintendo’s way of thinking, but Chris really understands why Nintendo creates characters and visual content.

We are developing mobile and visual content to expand our integrated hardware and software entertainment business globally. The work on mobile content reminds us again that although Nintendo gaming systems may have reached some parts of the world, they are not common in many places. We started the mobile business because we believe that it is important to carry out activities that encourage people to learn about the Nintendo brand and like Nintendo. This also leads people to realize the importance of visual content. By owning video content rather than just games, Nintendo will be able to further expand its content globally and become stronger as a company. The fact that we are a video game development company often creates the false impression that we can also easily make movies. The process of creating visual content and developing games does have some similar ways of thinking, but there are also differences. The film business, including distribution, is in a transitional period. In this context, we believe that as an expert with many years of experience in Hollywood, asking Chris for advice will be of great help to us in the future.

The “Super Mario” movie is still in production and is scheduled to be released in 2022. Nintendo has stated in the past that it is studying animation for other characters outside of Mario and his team. The company’s star lineup seems to be developing large-scale multimedia plans, which include—possibly—a Donkey Kong project. We will find out more soon.

In other places in the Q&A, Miyamoto discussed his Pokémon GO Interviewees on the Nintendo Board of Directors revealed their favorite games.