Minecraft’s YouTuber technoblade died after a stage 4 battle with cancer. The 23-year-old channel named Alex had more than 10.8 million followers.

Inspiring farewell video It was uploaded when Technoblade’s father read a farewell message from YouTuber. This message is grateful to the fans for their continued support over the nine years he created the content.

“If I had another 100 lives, I think I would choose to be a techno blade every time because it was the happiest year of my life,” he read. “I hope you enjoyed my content and made some people laugh. I love you so I hope you have a long, prosperous and happy life. Please put out the techno blade. “

“If I had 100 more lives, it would have been the happiest year of my life, so I think I chose to be a techno blade every time.”


Known for being fairly private, Technoblade shared his real name in a farewell message, but shared his diagnosis of cancer in his right arm last year. His father explained in a video that Technoblade died a few hours after writing the message.

His mother also shared the message written at the end of the video. “”[Technoblade] He worked hard to avoid personal fame and keep his identity secret. Please continue to respect his desire to protect his privacy and the privacy of his family. “

“My son’s courage on this road was a brilliant lesson for all of us who were privileged to walk with him. He did the work he loved for his beloved fans, so he took his journey. Thank you for sharing everything. “

Image Credit: Techno Blade

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