Monday, September 20th, 2021

Minecraft Dungeons is Japan’s next Nintendo Switch online trial version

Image: Microsoft/Mojang

Nintendo Switch Online is a Lively Online dialogue, because its advantages are being debated. As a service, it can be relatively cheap (especially if you use a family subscription), and in addition to some “free” games such as Pac-Man 99, it also provides full access to online games and cloud saves. Of course, online games on Nintendo hardware used to be free, so putting them behind a paywall will always cause disagreements.

Another part of the NSO product is a 7-day game trial, in which various games can be played for free within a week.We dare to say, but some recent experiments have been quite good, relatively well-known; in the past month or so, we have been in the West Fuser, Between us And recently Two point hospital.

In Japan, this is usually a different lineup, and its next entry is another high-profile game—— Minecraft DungeonAlthough not necessarily well received, it is a popular game among one of the largest gaming IPs in the world. From August 9th to 15th, NSO members in Japan can use it for free.