Monday, November 29th, 2021

Microsoft praises indigenous creators, culture and artistry through games, movies and television


  • Explore games curated by the indigenous community at Microsoft
  • Experience movies and television curated by the indigenous community at Microsoft

Xbox celebrated the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples in August of this year. Touch a personal story Introducing improved expression in games such as Minecraft and Age of Empires, beautiful custom Xbox controllers designed by indigenous Mexican artisans, about the influence of expression from indigenous players. Gerald A. Lawson Foundation for Blacks and Indigenous Students With the number one game design program in North America.

The United States celebrates Native American Heritage Month in November, partnering with Microsoft’s indigenous community to showcase indigenous creators, cultures, and protagonists around the world on Xbox and Windows for games, movies, and television. increase. This is part of an ongoing effort to create a more comprehensive gaming ecosystem, raise awareness of the community’s unique perspective and artistry, while improving community empathetic content.

View your collection on the Xbox Microsoft Store and the Windows Microsoft Store in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Visitors can always find recommendations from the indigenous community by searching for “indigenous” and related terms in the store. Content may be available in some countries.

Explore games curated by the indigenous community at Microsoft

Some highlights from full Xbox games When Windows games A collection that spans indigenous peoples creator, Playable characters, And title Inspired by indigenous culture include:

Not alone — Alaska Native Storytellers helped develop this game around traditional Inupiat folklore. Not alone An Inupiat girl named Nuna and her Arctic fox companion will appear. Players experience the story through a series of atmospheric puzzles, symbolizing the transfer of wisdom between generations by gathering “cultural insights” throughout the harsh Arctic environment. Learn more about creating games..

Button City — This cute game was created by Shandiin Yazzie Woodward, an artist identified as Diné. Button City It focuses on the true power of friendship and the importance of building a community. Subliminal games are dedicated to raising the diverse and marginalized voices in the game and are owned by the indigenous people.

Tanchi — Tunche’s name comes from the Peruvian legend of the forest spirit and the indigenous expression for “fear”. Team up with your friends or play solo in this fascinating hand-painted action game with roguelike elements. Choose from five unique characters to regain peace in the Amazon rainforest.

Raj: Ancient epic — Play as Raji, a girl looking for a younger brother during the war between God and the devil. Set in ancient India, this unique game is inspired by Hinduism and Balinese mythology.

Windbound — Uncover the secrets of the forbidden islands while finding a way back to the tribe after being wrecked as a warrior named Kara in a Polynesian environment.

Carto — — Inspired by several tribal cultures, reflecting long-standing indigenous cartographic practices, the cult needs to map the world around her to reunite with her grandma while crossing new lands. I have.

Malacca — Set in the breathtaking landscape of Mexico Malacca It is based on the rich indigenous culture of the Tarahumara tribe. The player embarks on a journey as Sukuruame (Shaman of Tarahumara). Solve puzzles in a real-world inspired environment and take part in battles with Tarahumara mythological creatures.

Dangerous space-time loverse— — This fun 1 to 4 sofa co-op adventure was created in collaboration with indigenous game developer Jamie Tucker. Players fly a spaceship with various stations to navigate levels and boss battles.

Aritana and harpy feathersWhen Aritana and Twin Mask — — Developed by Brazil’s Duaik, these games bring the beautiful myths of Brazilian indigenous culture and folklore to life through tropical forests, underground caves and gorgeous mountains.

Please tell me the reason — Set in the countryside of Alaska, this game features indigenous characters. The development team worked closely with local tribes and the Huna Heritage Foundation to represent the Tlingit culture. This game contains powerful LGBTQIA + themes and prominent cross-expressions.

Experience movies and television curated by the indigenous community at Microsoft

Experience movies and television curated by the indigenous community at Microsoft

Outstanding from Complete movie and television collection Straddle indigenous peoples creator, Lead,theme of Education, history, culture, When Family entertainment include:

“”Signal — This was the first feature film written, directed, produced and starred by Native American Reed. The story continues with two friends, Victor and Thomas, in the Cool Dareen Reservation, traveling to Phoenix, Arizona to collect the ashes of Victor’s father. The film explores identity and complex family relationships.

“”Legend of PhotoshopWe rarely see strong, complex, bisexual indigenous women who direct major anime TV series. Kora is an avatar and a master of four elements from the Southern Aquarium, based on indigenous Arctic culture. The show touches on deep themes of mental and mental health, such as post-traumatic stress disorders.Kora can also be played with recently released characters Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl..

“”MoanaThis family-friendly film, starring Native Hawaiian Reed and Samoan actors, celebrates Oceanian culture. Not only is the film inspired by Polynesian mythology, it also features a strong woman and a powerful soundtrack with lyrics in Samoan, Tuvaluan and Tokelauan.

“”ClevermanCreator Ryan Griffen wanted to create an Australian Aboriginal superhero for his son and succeeded. This supernatural thriller draws a lot from the myth of the indigenous Australians known as Dreamtime.

“”Lime for young ghoulsWritten and directed by Jeff Barnaby, who calls himself Mi’kmaq, the film touches on the history of indigenous children’s abuse in the Canadian indigenous boarding school system from the perspective of a teenage girl.

“”Whale island girl— A memorable portrayal of Maori culture and history, a girl on the island of Whale is chasing a girl named Paikea to fulfill her destiny behind her deceased twin brothers. The pie is named after an ancient ancestor who rode on a whale.

We are working hard to improve the experience of undervalued communities and to increase the expression of diverse creators and content throughout the ecosystem. Stay tuned for exciting updates that will continue to gain momentum over the coming months.