Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Microchip’s shortage may affect the switches described in the “60 Minutes” report

In recent months, a considerable topic has emerged in the game, and that is manufacturing problems. It had a certain degree of impact on Nintendo in mid-2020, but the company still produced enough inventory to report incredible hardware sales. Nevertheless, Nintendo continues to emphasize the risks of supply and meeting demand. The consensus is that the company is in a good position to avoid the worst problems in production, but it is unlikely to be completely spared.

So far, the headlines have mainly focused on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, and the new systems (especially PS5 and Series X) have sold out almost immediately in all regions. As consumers scrambled to buy inventory and replenishment was still disappearing within a few minutes, the two companies warned that struggles in the manufacturing industry are likely to limit supply throughout the year.

This is affecting the broader technology industry, and its impact is almost on the same level as any computer-enabled product (such as automobiles). One problem that people raise is that most of the world’s semiconductor manufacturing is carried out in Asia, and major regions such as the United States are far behind and therefore rely on imports.

This is an interesting topic, if you want to know more details, user ‘1WoomyNNYes’ shared the following report on our forum. Starting in early May, this is a “60 minutes” breakdown, but it’s still very relevant. Reporter Lesley Stahl interviewed two of the most important executives in the industry for more information. Although it focuses on technologies other than gaming hardware, the actual information is related to Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft currently on the market.