Monday, September 20th, 2021

Metroidvania’Enter Digiton: Heart of Corruption’ explores Switch eShop next week

There are many Metroidvanias on Switch-oops, one Actual Metroid games are even on the road! – But if you are looking for another one to add to your collection, you may need to pay attention to Enter Digiton: Heart of Corruption.

The game will be launched on Switch next week and published by Eastasiasoft. It is said to have a “broad pixel art world” for you to explore. As with any Metroidvania, you will unlock abilities while doing so, discover hidden secrets, and jump and sprint to survive the dangers of enemies and the environment.

Let’s set up the scene:

“It is the Kingdom of Dikitton that nests in the empty shell of a desolate world. This once prosperous and technologically advanced society fell into destruction due to greed and desire for power. This led to the four demons who now have the right to rule. The rise of the lord Digiton’s vast underground city landscape, icy valleys, intricate mines and dense mushroom forests.

Play as one of Digiton’s few survivors. With only a shield and the task of expelling the demon lord, you can explore the dark mysteries of the corrupt kingdom and restore its former glory. Uncover long-hidden secrets and discover the truth behind the mystery known as the AHAB unit. “

The world of pixel art is full of fashionable colors, as shown in these screenshots:

Enter Digiton: Heart of Corruption will be launched on the Switch on August 4, priced at $7.99. Be sure to share your thoughts on this in the comments.