Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Metroid’s Ridley amiibo will also be reprinted in October this year

© Nintendo

Sometimes, Nintendo likes to reprint old and new versions of amiibo on Switch. We’ve seen it on the amiibo of the Zelda series before, now it’s Metroid’s turn.

Learn from the news that Dark Samus amiibo comes from Super Smash Bros Ultimate Edition Will be reprinted in the United States, and now it is also discovered that Ridley will also be reprinted. The problem is that Ridley amiibo will be an exclusive product of GameStop.

Metroid© Nintendo

Both Dark Samus and Ridley amiibo will be re-released at the same time as the release Metroid Fear October 8. Nintendo also revealed the amiibo features that will appear in Metroid Dread, but only for the new Samus and EMMI dolls.

When it was first released, were you able to ensure the safety of Ridley amiibo? Will you pick up one of these reprints with Metroid Fear? Tell us in the comments.