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By its very nature, the Metroid series can be a very rewarding experience. These games are death and dead end labyrinth puzzle boxes that you need to explore, use maps, backtrack and become familiar with every corner of the world.

Metroid Dread has all this and brings many tough boss battles and enemies to the table. To make this experience easier, here are eight tips to keep in mind when playing, especially if you’re a franchise beginner.

Tips for getting started with Metroid Dread

1. Do not emphasize the collectibles

Metroid Dread is packed with collectable missile tanks, parts, energy tanks and more. If you explore the ZDR, you’ll see that these things stick out through many small corners and crevices. Especially at the beginning, few things can actually be reached. Don’t be stressed about it, it won’t ruin your enjoyment or slow down your adventure here.

In fact, getting all the upgrades and fragments of Metroid Dread is a very late stage of the game, and in fact it’s a complete run at the end, giving you the following opportunities: Go back and clear the whole world before you finish the playthrough.

With the constant backtracking that is unique to this genre, whenever Samus powers up, he revisits the previous territory. This is when you walk around a bit to see if you can get some things. Also note that the map in this game emphasizes the location of all the collectibles you encounter. You don’t have to remember where they are to go back and grab them later. Relax, enjoy the story and move forward. When you’re ready, the collectibles are there.

2. Use the map

The Metroid Dread map, as already mentioned, is great in that it remembers everything you come across. As a result, all collectibles are automatically highlighted upon encounter. But there are more! The map also shows all door types, charging points, save rooms and obstacles in the areas you have visited so far. You can zoom in to see exactly what kind of barriers are in the way so you know what abilities you need to move. Any direction.

You can use small colored markers to highlight specific places you want to go and have waypoints appear on the HUD map during play. Even better, you can jump to the full map, hover over the door type, charging station, or storage room and select Highlight Icon. This will automatically highlight all other icons of that type, making route planning much easier. And help you navigate the way forward. Make the most of this map!

Metroid dread
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3. Shoot everything and blow up

Metroid Dread has some points that will allow you to scan the environment to discover secret routes and destructible terrain, but in these early days, the best advice we could provide, this series was the first. The advice that has been true since it began in is to shoot and bomb all walls, floors and ceilings as you drive through the area. Destroy the place! You will discover a collection doing this, but more importantly, it may be needed at some point to make progress in the story. If you really get stuck and backtrack and blow things up, you’ll eventually find your way.

4. Listen to the administrator and check the log

ADAM, the AI ​​for your ship, will pop up at some point during the campaign. He often provides little by little information about what he needs to do next, so he needs to listen. By re-reading his conversation in the menu log, I’ve cleared the deadlock several times. If it becomes a dead end, this can be a lifesaver. He’s not just a cute … blue computer … thing.

Metroid dread
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5. Compete against EMMI

Yes, you are afraid, yes, it is better to escape, but sometimes (millions of times) you will be cornered and attacked by EMMI as you sneak through the zone. When this happens, there are two sign opportunities to escape from the robot’s clutch, instantly astonishing that it can escape and hide. It’s very difficult to seize these opportunities because the timing changes randomly. But don’t just give up and leave yourself to your destiny. Focus and do your best to nail these counter opportunities. That way, you can survive to death and get out of the successful zone.

6. Use save room and charging station

All areas of the game have save rooms and stations of different colors that offer ammo replenishment, health replenishment, and even all full replenishment. Take advantage of them! Use the map to highlight everyone in your area so you can make corrections as needed. Please save at any timeI forgot to save the game during the treasure hunt, so I don’t have to rerun a bunch of tricky collectibles (it was very painful).

7. Find a map room

Every area of ​​the game has a map room where Samus downloads a large chunk of the surrounding world. When you do this, these areas will appear as featureless colored areas on the map. This is very important in indicating where you should or may go next. Prioritize finding a map room.

8. Control unit

If you want to stop EMMI, you need to find the relevant control unit. Rooms containing these mini bosses can be found by searching the heights around the EMMI zone. Find and kill the control unit, squeeze the launcher and kill the local EMMI yourself. That way, you are free to explore the zone without fear.

Metroid dread
Image: Nintendo Life

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