Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

Metroid Dread Review (Switch) | Nintendo Life

After completely nailing the first shot of the Metroid Adventure at the 2017 Metroid II 3DS Remake Samus Returns, Nintendo decided to add a bunch to Mercury Steam while retaining many of the unique gameplay elements of the last outing. I ate the selected cherry again for stealth. This is a dangerous operation and adds such a whole new mechanism to this beloved and scrutinized franchise, but the Spanish developers have submitted a staggering new entry in the series. ..Metroid Dread wonderful..

Of course, one of the most exciting things Samus Aran builds for this brand new outing is the first game we’ve had the opportunity to play on Nintendo’s gorgeous new OLED switch, and we really think about it. Can’t have a better title to showcase its amazing screen. This is a properly gorgeous adventure. Each of the different biomes of Planet ZDR solves puzzles and blows up its way with unique and wonderfully detailed enemy types, flora and fauna, some really amazing lighting effects and other flashy graphics. Bells and whistles.

From prehistoric creatures wandering in the background to spooky little horrors flashing in vents and foggy EMMI areas, you’re finally resident here, drained because of the colors. I’m nervous until I get rid of the fear of the robot. Samus himself looks better than ever, and the subtle details of the animation make him feel better than ever to control the maze-like structure of the game. As her collection of abilities and weapons expands exponentially throughout the campaign, Sams climbs a pad magnetized with her brand new spider magnet, grappling hooks, and attacks enemies with flashy new flashshift features and more. Dodge.We really don’t want to spoil many of the stories and unlockable abilities for you here (the surprise of finding all these things for yourself is half the fun after all), but rest assured All You do with Metroid Dread — all the enemies you drive into oblivion, all evasion, slides, assembly, and rocket rounds — they look and feel great. It offers breathtaking and exciting encounters, so it’s smooth and fast-paced without dropping the frame. Here are some real grotesques to take out.

In terms of returning mechanics, Mercury Steam has regained a good parry from Samus Returns, and it feels more robust here. It’s also great to move through a room full of insects and beasts and use this parry to destroy the last one with an overcharged repost, properly satisfying actions that feel like a really bad space ranger. increase. The Aeion power supply has also been recreated from the 2017 game, and you’ll need to adjust your gauge to get all the defense and attack features when you need them most. With this painful combination of all-new abilities and the returning stubborn, Metroid Dread feels like the most feature-packed entry in the series to date, Samus now. Huge With a series of movements she has at her disposal, it always feels like you have a lot of choices on how to explore and move around in your rich and detailed environment.

And that’s all before we mention the all-new stealth side of things. To be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure how this aspect of Metroid Dread would work. It could have been a bit frustrating, but the tense confrontation and encounter with the EMMI robot was a striking moment in the game. Each zone of the ZDR has a designated EMMI area that needs to be operated repeatedly, but must be quiet, use cloaking abilities, monitor the Aeion gauge, and sneak up carefully. It’s very atmospheric when the big red glowing sign of a nearby hunter appears on the in-game map. The robot’s buzzer and bloop open the back door and desperately dodge it out of the way of the motion tracker searching for EMMI. ..

After being trapped in these pulled-out cat and mouse games, and after countless deaths from being caught, it’s really nice to finally temporarily overcharge the laser and return to each of the seven EMMIs. In a fully equipped area with a sense of catharsis, you are ready to blow up the plate armor on your head and kill it completely.

When Metroid Dread enters the final stage, it goes on and throws a fairly tough procession of bosses into your path. I won’t go into the details for fear of spoilers, but some of these can require quite a few replays to get right, and the quality of the fighting here is really about us dying. It tells us that we never bothered. As the game itself explains, you can avoid all attacks, no matter how impossible, by digging into, observing, learning, and predicting how your boss will attack and move around. Eventually you will get there. It all feels very beautiful and balanced. Tough but not impossible, hellishly happy when you pull off the killing, Oh is that so It’s a very simple pleasure to press restart and go over and over again.

With respect to secrets, collectibles, and all the good old Metroid stuff, it’s all present and correct, and if you’re going to pick up every single upgrade you’re waiting for, you’ll have to play this multiple times. maybe. You in different areas of your adventure. There are some great surprises for franchise fans. An interesting story is an absolutely amazing soundtrack that emphasizes the whole thing without getting in the way of the action at any given time. All the classic Metroid sounds you’d expect are here, now fine-tuned and modernized, with some new audio.

With both the docking and handheld modes of the new OLED switches, no matter how busy the boss battles were in the second half of the game, there were no frame rate issues.That new screen is actually All Pop here. The contrast between the game’s colorful, rich and vibrant areas and the dark and fuzzy EMMI gauntlets stands out when played on this new hardware, further complemented by console-enhanced audio and some great audio. Use of rumble support, which provides a visually rich, luxurious and highly detailed experience.

I haven’t played Dread on regular switches yet, but even if the screen doesn’t pop too much on non-OLED screens, it still maintains a handsome and very smooth experience. Throughout the approximately 12 hours of execution time, we did not encounter a single bug or technical issue. The entire package is reminiscent of Nintendo’s highest quality, which is expected of the company’s big events.

Overall, Metroid Dread really feels like a hugely successful modernization of the franchise. This is all we like about old games, all the great from Mercury Steam’s last outing, and incredibly exciting, absorptive, fun and rewarding across the ZDR. A bunch of new mechanics that make a game. This is an incredibly sophisticated and satisfying return, one of the true greats of video games and one of the best action games you can buy for Switch.


Metroid Dread is a winning return for both Samus Aran and developer Mercury Steam. This is a very smooth, very interesting and well-designed entry for the Metroid franchise, which is better than what we’ve seen in previous series. With lots of great new abilities, super tense and fun stealth sections, lots of great big boss fights, and a story that fans will definitely enjoy, I really don’t know how good this was. The best Metroid game ever?this Maybe … It will be one.