Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Metroid Dread has a bug that stops it, Nintendo promises a patch

Metroid Dread has a bug that causes the game to simply shut down. Thankfully, Nintendo has a workaround and the patch will arrive by the end of the month.

Nintendo announced on Twitter (below), apologized for the bug, and explained the cause and workaround. The bug itself confirms that when the door near the end of the game is destroyed, the game ends with the message “Software closed due to an error”.

so Support page, Nintendo explains that the error occurred by destroying the door when the map marker was attached to the door. The solution is very simple. If you remove the map marker before destroying the door, it will proceed as expected.

Nintendo has promised that the bug itself will be crushed by a patch released later this month. It’s not clear if the update will include other changes to the game.

This bug is less exciting than the secret boss killing method discovered by the determined sequence breaker. With or without bugs, Metroid Dread delights players with its classic 2D exploration. “Regaining legendary exploration and progress, merging with great Modern Combat and some of the best boss battles,” said a 9/10 review. So far. “

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