Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Metroid Dread celebrates the opening month of the strongest Metroid game ever in the United States

Early chart tracking suggested that when Metroid Dread was launched on Switch last month, they enjoyed a successful time at retail stores, but new sales data show that the game is real in any of the games in the series so far. We have confirmed that it was the best start month (at least in the US).

NPD Group Mat Piscatella confirm The dreads debuted in October as the third-selling game in the United States. NS Bestseller on Switch (which happened to be the bestseller console of the month). “Metroid Dread achieved the highest launch month sales of any Metroid franchise release in its tracked history,” said Piscatella, and the physical dollar sales for that launch month were “of the previous franchise. It’s almost twice as much as the best Metroid Prime. “

This follows the impressive UK launch of the franchise’s strongest opening weekend, and has made its debut number one in Nintendo’s home country of Japan.

By the way, Dread’s early success also ignited improved sales of past titles still available on Nintendo’s digital services. Last month, games like Metroid Fusion and Metroid Zero Mission were found sitting at the top of the Wii U e-shop chart.

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