Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Metroid Dread: All Energy Tank Locations

Image: Nintendo Life

Probably one of the most useful items on Metroid Dread Energy tank Upgrade, this gives you extra health and essentially makes the game Possible.. It is recommended to collect the energy tanks as soon as possible to facilitate the progress of the game. Share the list of all energy tank locations in the game with the list below.

Note: This Energy Tank Guide is an ongoing work and will be filled out in all tank locations as soon as possible.

Metroid Dread: All Energy Tank Locations


This upgrade, the first energy tank you can trip over and actually pick up, is found shortly after grabbing the charge beam. You need to go to the cave on the map below. As you pass through the cave, you can easily slide and pick up the gap next to it.

The second energy tank is in Catalis, the second region of the game.


Once you reach this second area, you need to do something to pick up some important pieces. If you go to the location marked on the map below, you will see another energy tank. Please get it. To grab this, you’ll need to dissipate the heat in this area, check the map, return to the location shown below, and work under the magnet lift shown in the photo here. Pull it down so that one side of the upper room is exposed. Then you can reach this room (not too far) just by using the map and moving to the right. Jump to get the upgrade.


The third energy tank that I happened to find in the playthrough. It is located in a water-filled area of ​​Brennia. Here you will learn the flash shift ability. As soon as you do, you can see that this tank is waiting at the end of the corridor, as depicted and identified on the map below. As you run towards this tank, you will need to use a flash shift to jump over the wall and grab the magnetic pad on the wall to reach it.

Our 4th energy tank has been in Ghavoran for quite some time from the 3rd energy tank. There are more weapons and upgrades, including ice missiles. This allowed us to remove the flame barrier that separates us from the prizes in the places below.

The next energy tank is in Brennia. You need to have access to the storm missile because it’s stuck behind the door. You also need to use Space Jump to get into the indentation where it is placed. As shown in the map below, the location is in the watery southern part of the area.

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