Monday, September 20th, 2021

Memory Pak: When Mario became a professional wrestler and ruled it

Welcome to the latest installment of our new column Memory Pak, where we will dive into some of the most memorable moments in the game-the good and the bad. This time, Kate has extremely strong feelings for “Paper Mario”…

Paper Mario flies into glitz in an airship (image: Nintendo Movies)

I might choose a whole chapter of “Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door” to slightly change the rules of Memory Pak, but it doesn’t matter, I will make the rules here. And this chapter-the third chapter in the story-is one of the best chapters in the game. Well, most of the chapters are the best. Except for the giant tree one. We are not talking about Boggly trees.

At the end of the second chapter, Paper Mario-by the way, Mario and Mario are different entities, as evidenced by Mario and Luigi’s specifications: Paper Jam-is forced to compete with the Mafia Donpi Anta became friends to get a ticket and an airship to take him to Vanity, a sky island crowded with tourists, gloomy weirdos, and vanity pits.

Vanity pit dominates this small sky town
Vanity pit dominates this small sky town (image: Nintendo Movies)

Paper Mario and his companions entered Glitz Pit and discovered that it was the main activity center of Glitzville: a wrestling arena, ruled by the wrestling champion and arrogant Rawk Hawk. On the championship belt: Crystal Star! This is what Paper Mario needs to open the Thousand-Year Door! !

There is only one solution: get close to Rawk Hawk and request the Crystal Star well, thank you.Well, this is one Sensible People will do it-Paper Mario instead walks into the manager’s office and asks to be the next wrestler on his shift. Thanks to Triple H he did it, because what follows is some incredible storytelling.

Oh, that's one of McGoffin! We need that thing!  !
Oh, that is one of McGoffin! We need that thing! ! (image: Nintendo Movies)

There is a metaphor in the TV series called “Bottle plot“, among them—whether because of economic or creative constraints—the characters basically stay in one place. You may have heard of community, Where the character (well, Abed) constantly shades his own TV, or you may have noticed some sitcoms taking place in elevators, apartments, spaceships, etc.

Although these episodes are created to save money, they tend to become the most memorable and popular episodes of the entire show, because the bottle episodes must be truly dependent, Really Only a solid writing style can be self-reliant.

Gruba provides guidance to Paper Mario The Great Gonzales through the large Game Boy Advance
Gruba Paper Mario The great Gonzalez is illustrated by the large Game Boy Advance (image: Nintendo Movies)

Glitzville is such an episode, because it mainly takes place in Glitz Pit, after Paper Mario’s rise to wrestling fame. Like many previous bottle plots, the dialogue was drawn to 11 episodes. Considering that the paper Mario: TTYD’s writing is already excellent, this shows something.

In the ring, our 2D hero is no longer Paper Mario-he is the great Gonzales, a rising star, starting from the bottom of the table, fighting Fuzzies and Goombas to improve the ranking. The amazing thing is that these mooks are no longer just random lads in the field; they are all wrestling teams, fighting you not for Bowser, but because it is entertainment, dangit. They all have the names of wrestlers, such as Clift, Sir Swope and Spiked Joe, and their slogans yelling at Gonzales, Like real wrestling.

The battle itself takes place on the stage as usual, but this time there are many people
The battle itself takes place on the stage as usual, but this time there are many people (image: Nintendo Movies)

If you follow the story, don’t be distracted along the way. Most stories are just the great Gonzales fighting, take a break, and then immediately go to another battle. This may be boring, but the combat system of Paper Mario is very fascinating and always surprising, despite its two-dimensional limitations. This proves how powerful the combat system is, and the third chapter of the game-when Mario has almost no special abilities and companions-is based entirely on it and won’t look old.

But the downtime between games slowly became equally noticeable, or even more. After quickly kicking these idiots to the side of the road, Gonzalez returned to the locker room; you can make friends with other wrestlers here (the idiots you just kicked) and make it clear that they will only fight you during wrestling hours Interested.

Gruba knows what people want, and it’s very specific combat instructions.
Gruba knows what people want, and it’s very specific combat instructions. (image: Nintendo Movies)

You have to deal with Gruba all the time—a shady wrestling manager who indeed There are some darker motives-and his assistant Qiao Lin, a toad/woman boss. The roles in TTYD are outstanding in every field, and Glitzville is a good example because there is a high density of new roles in a place. Rawk Hawk is a machismo bully; his newly hatched buddy is petite and energetic, able to fight against guys four times his size; the mysterious informer “X” is a secret benefactor, he told the paper Mario gives gifts to try to expose the core conspiracy of the glitzy pit.

For each game, you need to adhere to a specific requirement-don’t change your partner, or make sure to only use the hammer-if you fail, you won’t be promoted to the next level. You will also begin to receive mysterious anonymous reporter emails, and at some point, an egg will appear and then hatch into a brand new companion.

Haha it's weird, isn't it
Haha it’s weird, isn’t it (image: Nintendo Movies)

After a few games, Gonzalez was upgraded to the Major League Baseball locker room, which is a better place that might not smell like stale sweat and cheap deodorant. Whistleblower emails are becoming more frequent and more attractive-it may not smell like sweat, but it definitely smells like some kind of conspiracy.

The Glitzville chapter tells a wonderful story about a dishonest shy, a fragile self, and a brave loser; it sets Paper Mario and his companions as a team, they will do the right thing, but do it Not afraid to have a little fun in the event. The core mystery is fascinating and fast-paced, and the battle that Gonzalez must fight to get his paper gloves on the crystal star will never get old. Grubba’s game requests and rising difficulty curve make things feel very fresh, and at the end of it all, there is always hope for Crystal Star to keep you going.

I hope email is so exciting in real life
I hope email is so exciting in real life (image: Nintendo Movies)

I really didn’t mention real I wrestled a lot in this Memory Pak, mainly because I don’t know much about it, but from what I have seen, I feel that Glitz Pit has mastered many of the best parts of the sport. Wrestling is stupid, exciting, and not too serious; you are likely to see a strong young man in a tights piling another strong young man in a different tights, just like you see a wrestler in a game Just like jumping out of a huge cake during the wedding.

Wrestling is a soap opera dominated by muscles and flashers, what else can more Is it a soap opera rather than a circus conspiracy involving rumors of missing soldiers, mysterious muscle managers, and haunted toilets? Glitz Pit is a perfect bottle chapter for wrestling fans and novices, because it requires what the player knows-Paper Mario’s combat system-and repackage it into something new. Add some paper Mario-style fools, a mystery worth solving, and the iconic witty dialogue of the series, and you have one of the best adventures of all the games.