Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Memory Pak: My Sonic 2 nostalgic game is a precious gaming moment


For Nintendo’s various franchises, this is an important anniversary year, but it is easy to forget that this is also the gospel of SEGA’s mascot, and June brings the 30th anniversary. Sonic the Hedgehog. We will have many articles celebrating this milestone, but a little earlier than me, I think I will share an interesting memory with the franchise. I suspect that many people have similar experiences.

Quite a long time-8 or 10 years, my memory disappointed me at a certain time-I was at my parents’ home during the holidays. For various reasons, I don’t remember that I dug the old Sega Mega Drive (or “Genesis”). 》, to provide you with NA members), and start to read carefully from our Earlier. This impulse touched me, and until then I still realized that my childhood bedroom still had an old CRT TV with relevant input. I plugged the system into the power source and chose the game.

There is only one choice: my absolute favorite of that era, Sonic the Hedgehog 2. When the game was first released, I was only eight years old and played it over and over again. Although the system has many games I like, let alone other glorious 16-bit Sonic games, Sonic 2 is the best game in my world.So about 15 to 20 years later, I’m sitting by the bed in the old room playing with it Again.

My initial thought was “I will play the first few levels, and then get out of the car to spend time with my family”; That didn’t happen. After the music started playing, I went through various stages and summoned memories to find the secret area, and there was no turning back. I did a good job in the early days, wandering on the chaotic emerald, hardly hit. “Okay,” I thought, “you still have it.”