Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Megadrive Browler Paprium is coming to switch following the success of Kickstarter

Remember Paplium?? The announcement of this Megadrive / Genesis side-scrolling fighter was covered a few years ago.Created by the team behind Pier SolarThe aim was to push the 16-bit console to its absolute limits, using special technology built into the cartridge. Many have promised cash just for the sale, but it dates back to 2017, and at the time of writing, many who gave the money are still waiting for a copy (including ourselves).

We’ve recorded some problematic developments in Paprium on this site, but last year the game ended and (very slowly) endorsed it – and even that process stopped.

WaterMelon Games said it had a problem getting the funds paid via PayPal (although I haven’t elaborated on the exact reason) and put a serious debt on the company by completing the development of Paprium. I am. The new kickstarter campaign is a way to reach more viewers with the game through a modern system and to secure the funds needed to respect orders placed on the Megadrive version a few years ago. Is considered to be.

Surprisingly Paprium Kickstarter So far, it has raised over £ 325,000 ($ 443,000), surpassing its original goal of £ 220,061 ($ 299,999). That is, the game is coming to Switch, and other stretch goals include a pint-sized game gear version and a Dreamcast port. According to WaterMelon, those who are still waiting for the Megadrive version Final Get their copy as a result of the success of this campaign-but there still seems to be some time to wait.

Are you one of the people who promised cash on this crowdfunding drive? Or are you like us still waiting for the Megadrive game you bought in 2017? Please let us know in the comments.