Sunday, September 19th, 2021

McLaren 570S is about to return to the Rockets League


  • McLaren 570S (re-)joined Rocket League For season 3
  • Purchase the McLaren 570S Pack or McLaren 570S Upgrade Pack from the in-game store now.
  • Play the game for free and check out the new competition season, tournaments, weekly and current season challenges and Rocket Pass with the new speed demon Tyranno!

For McLaren, there is no finish line.This is why the sleek speed sports car McLaren 570S will come back Rocket League This is the first promotion since the free game-this time offering silver! From May 27th, hit the first supercar in a limited time and you can drive a sprint car.

Players who missed the 570S at the first release will get the new McLaren 570S Pack, which includes 570S, Silver Decal, etc. In addition, players who already own a McLaren 570S in the garage can get this new suit without a car, thereby reducing points. Only users with McLaren 570S can use this option.

This McLaren 570S package (2000 credits) Comes with McLaren 570S (Dominus Hitbox), Unique Engine audio, McLaren 570S Decal (silver paint), McLaren 570S wheels, etc.This McLaren 570S upgrade package (900 credits) including McLaren 570S decals (painted silver), McLaren 570S wheels (painted silver) and McLaren III player banners. The items contained in the above McLaren package can only be equipped by McLaren 570S, and McLaren 570S cannot be customized for all types of items.

To commemorate the return of McLaren 570S Rocket League, Please be sure to go to the item store from May 27th (the same day when the 570S is available) and request a free McLaren avatar border! The McLaren 570S kit, upgrade kit and free “Avatar” frame will be available before June 2nd, so please exit the item store after getting the “Super Car” acceleration!

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