Friday, September 17th, 2021

May’s Monster Hunter digital event will cover Rise 3.0 and more Story 2, which will be broadcast next week


We have always liked the monthly Monster Hunter Digital Events because they provide information about details and shots Monster Hunter Rise Updates and upcoming Monster Hunter Story 2: Wings of Destruction; April brings a pretty good playback effect, and the information about Rise 2.0 version can be said to steal the limelight.

It won’t take long for us to wait for the broadcast in May. It will cover version 3.0 of Rise, which is expected to become a waste because it will even add a new ending. We can also look forward to more material and details of Story 2.Will start May 26 7 am Pacific Standard Time / 10 am Eastern Time / 3 pm UK / 4 pm Eastern Standard Time.

It is worth noting that version 3.0 will obviously add a considerable amount of content to MH Rise, with a file size of 1.4GB. If it is your first update, it will be 2.9GB, probably because it will also bundle previous patches.

Now is the perfect time for Monster Hunter fans with Switch; as always, we will watch and live the blog on the website, are you excited about this digital event?