Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Mayhem Brawler started fighting on the switch this summer

©Hero Concept

Chaos Fighter Announced by Hero Concept in the second half of last year, it promised to update the popular trend of arcade games in the 90s and integrate urban quarrels with more fantasy elements. Now it has a definite release date, and it will land on Switch eShop and various other platforms on August 18.

It looks promising and has stylish visuals, but the most important thing is some novel ideas; you can check the details and new trailers below.

  • Classic 90s style beat performance
  • Offline cooperation mode, can support up to 3 players
  • Ability to change the game flow through player-led decisions
  • Complete voice story experience and 11 different subtitle language options
  • 3 unique endings according to the player’s choice
  • Unique combat mechanism
  • 3 playable characters for 30 monsters, including 12 unique bosses
  • Hand-drawn comic art works, animated characters frame by frame and rocking soundtrack