Sunday, June 13th, 2021

Max Paragon and Renegade Vulnerabilities-Mass Effect Wiki Guide

Final edit:

Want to get the highest Paragon and Renegade points quickly? In Mass Effect, you can quickly get all the Paragon and Renegade points you need through the loopholes on Lorik Qui’in.

Claim: 5 points of charm or intimidation

location: Noveria-Lorik Qui’in (Lorik Qui’in)

Max Paragon and Renegade Point exploits

This is part of getting the garage pass into Noveria (for more information, see Lorik Qui” in the walkthrough), you can pass Opold to Anoleas, But don’t do that, because it is too good to pass.

Instead, agree to perform Lorik’s tasks and complete the part of your trip to his office, but you think it’s appropriate, But agreed to talk to Gianna Parasini before handing in.

When you return to complete the task, she will be in the same hotel bar opposite Lorik. She was standing alone near the stairs.

Agree that you will try to convince Lorik to testify and then talk to Lorik.

Choose the following options:


  • Testify against anorexia
  • Choose either Paragon or Renegade options, about +25 points

Then end the conversation.

Talk to Lorik again, now choose:

  • Patriarch Benicia
  • Another problem
  • Testify against anorexia
  • Then choose a model or traitor with +25 points

Rinse and repeat Until you maximize Paragon and Renegade points. In the next game, this will provide you with a lot of new dialogue options.