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Master Chief lost his virginity in the Halo TV series and fans split

caveat: This article contains spoilers for Halo: The TV Series Episode 8.

The live-action Halo series has made many important changes to the established myth of the game. Episode 8 has led what could be the biggest shake-up ever. The Master Chief seems to have just lost his virginity.

This is a significant departure from the Halo game, where John-117 is portrayed as an ascetic supersoldier who only shows a sentimental attachment to the holographic companion Cortana, and has sex because he was kidnapped by a Spartan programmer. A child who may have never done so. The series hasn’t followed exactly that path in the process of Season 1. Pablo Schreiber’s Master Chief frequently removes his helmet to deal with memory and emotional spikes after encountering Forerunner artifacts.

That artifact is also the reason for John’s sexual encounter in Episode 8. The series introduced a brand new character to Charlie Murphy’s Makey. Alien theocracy. John and Make appear to be the only ones in the galaxy that can interact with artifacts. After experiencing the mysterious shared vision of the Halo station in episode 6, the two characters succumb to the hormone rush and have sex in episode 8. And Cortana has been watching to make things even stranger.

“I’m just a simple boy, standing in front of a covenant girl …”

This plot twist is a source of criticism and anger from Halo fans. Not only is the idea that it’s hard for the Master Chief to swallow sex, but Episode 8 uses the Master Chief / Makey romance to set the stage for the show’s version of the Fall of Reach. Torn between her new love for John-117 and her loyalty to the covenant, McKee eventually chooses the latter and informs the covenant of the location of the reach. The Master Chief has a lot of blood in his hands because he made the mistake of trusting Make.

Forbes writer Paul Tashi Summarize the incredible reaction that some people feel to an episode:

Meanwhile, Twitter users @Spicy_Halo I will provide this counterargument:

IGN is positive about new episodes, and its revisionists are actively working on setting up the Fall of Reach storyline. According to our review, “Halo fans are a sudden change for both characters, not to mention that they are not very accustomed to seeing the love of the Chief Show, except for the Platonic love for Cortana. It’s a development that works in the context of an episode. The dramatic ending of 6. The two characters share the equivalent of a religious experience and are now dealing with the aftereffects of all hormones. This episode In fact, it does a surprisingly good job of recording the full rise and fall of short-lived romance. The collapse of a rushed or forced feeling. “

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