Sunday, June 13th, 2021

Mass Effect: The legendary project director says Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer game may return

Mass Effect: The legendary project director Mac Walters has confirmed that if the demand is large enough, multiplayer games of Mass Effect 3 can be added to the series in the future. CNET, Walters said he will never “reject” the multiplayer game of Mass Effect 3 because it was missed in the “Legend Edition”.

Walters said: “I will never refuse. We want to see what kind of praise the Legendary Edition gets, and what is the demand for multiplayer games.” “Then we will ask ourselves if we have enough resources and time to improve it. To the level of quality that we and our fans want.”
In our interview with Walters before the release, he mentioned that the decision to withdraw the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer game from the legendary version was to “know where to draw the line.”

Walters explained: “This obviously faces a lot of challenges.” “Everything you do with cross-matching is because of current expectations; how do you do with people who are still playing multiplayer games now? How do you honor this One point, how to bring them in, can we bridge this gap in some way? And of course, these are not insurmountable challenges, we can do something to solve the problem and introduce multiplayer games into it.

“However, when you look at the effort to be put into this, if it does not exceed the full cost of upgrading “Mass Effect 1,” this is easily equivalent. I think our focus is on the single player experience.”Mass Effect 3 (Mass Effect 3) multiplayer is a cooperative experience that allows players to team up against Reaper, Hellhound, Gus, and Collector troops. The progress of this mode also received rewards from players in the “War Galaxy” system, which affected the ending of the “Mass Effect 3” story.

FYI: In view of the launch of multiplayer games and supporting apps, Galaxy in War has been rebalanced in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

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