Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Mass Effect Legend Review Part 1: Mass Effect

Not surprisingly, the 4K remake of EA’s first “Mass Effect” is different from the original 2007 version. A side-by-side comparison can tell you most of the information about this upgrade: textures, character models and effects have been refurbished, and all animations run at 60 frames per second or higher, although the animations show their lifespan. Place, especially on people’s faces. However, to find out how to play this famous but notorious unbalanced game in 2021, and considering the game adjustments in “Legend Edition”, I spent 30 hours on the complete game. Looking back at the RPG that I have never played since 2008, it turns out that it is a wonderful review of one of the best original science fiction novels in the game. It also reminds many of us of the mechanical weaknesses at the time because of these weaknesses. The revolutionary mass effect can be traced back to then.

Generally, Mass Effect looks good at 4K. (I played on Xbox Series X.) In terms of the distribution of everything, the environment is relatively sparse, but the texture is clear and delicate, and the lighting effect looks quite modern. Its biggest weakness-visually-is the facial animations, which cannot be ignored considering the extent to which you see them. In contrast to their delicate and bright skin, many characters look like their faces are paralyzed between their upper lip and eyes. Sometimes those eyes have uncomfortable, unblinking gazes. This is not terrible, but it can definitely stand out in the current game. However, the good thing about aliens is that they are immune to the weird valley effect, because as far as we know, this is what their faces should look like-therefore, most of them look beautiful.

(The new photo mode is a nice addition, although I don’t know if the original “Mass Effect” (even after the 4K upgrade) is a good-looking game that can inspire many photographers and they can easily practice their own Craftsmanship is in the game of this decade.)However, what came out of their mouths was kept very well. The dubbing of Mass Effect is excellent, especially Jennifer Hale as a female version of Shepard. The supporting roles have many recognizable voices, including Keith David, Seth Green and Marina Sirtis, a veteran of Star Trek: The Next Generation. And Dwight Schultz. Naturally, it is almost impossible to play a 30-hour game with low sound points everywhere, but outstanding characters do very well.

Your personnel are not a big deal-they are just pale compared to the four aliens.

Commander Shepard and Normandy staff worked to prevent the rogue ghost Satre from starting an ancient galactic genocide cycle. In the past 14 years, no step was missed, nor Unforgettable alien character. To be fair, your human companions Kaiden and Ashley are no big deal-they look pale when compared to the four aliens who are only known for being some of the best companions in RPG history. The characters of Wrex, Liara, Tali and Garrus show strong voice performance and dialogue ability, just like when Garrus needs to shoot hostages from a gun The law enforcement method is the same as when blurting out. Deciding on two roles to accompany me in each task is difficult because I want to hear how they will interact.

At the same time, Saren is a powerful villain. He is both a terrible traitor and sometimes sympathetic. He must be evil from the jump, but when you learn more about him, you will find that he has the beliefs that drive him and the arguments that support him-even people without reason can support him. (I remember that the first time I participated in the competition was shortly after “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic”. I was very angry because Shepard could not choose to accept Sarron’s invitation to join him. In hindsight, I could see that What is going on. It has always been a sequel issue.)

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The most important thing is that this is simply surprising, how many world buildings are flooded in the first game, and none of this seems to be a huge expo junkyard. Through the Normandy dialogue between missions and the many characters in the world we visited, we learned about the interactions among Crogans, Salaris, murlocs, Turians, Assaris, Guss, etc. Connections and complex history, and all of these are used to create tension in the alliance of disturbed species that control the galaxy from the shiny white castle station. All of this makes sense when there is blood between the personalities of different species. The pace of enlightenment keeps increasing energy, and I have rarely seen such a fast and full feeling of the universe. Likewise, today, frequent criticisms of Spectres’ unrestricted police powers also make sense (although it accepts that only good space police can stop bad ones may not satisfy everyone).

Almost every major world you visit contains at least one important life-and-death decision.

Of course, every major world you visit contains at least one major life-and-death decision, which we know will have an impact on Mass Effect 2 and 3, including the fate of the main characters and even the entire species. Behind all of this is the iconic moral system of Mass Effect, which allows you to choose to play Shepard as a Paragon or a rebel in the style of truth and justice, and they can complete their work according to their own rules. It is still a good role-playing mechanism, rewarding consistency through more persuasive dialogue options. And it’s not too rigid: I don’t think the average Shepard who makes me obey the law knocks a few heads, and even goes beyond the law on some incidental issues when he thinks it’s appropriate.The battle is not a bright spot. It is commendable that the legendary version makes things smoother through improved aiming, shorter skill cooldowns, improved interface and the ability to command two squad members separately. When you are suppressed by enemy fire and shoot at them, you do feel a little nervous. Moreover, Shepard can now use any weapon regardless of your occupation, which sometimes comes in handy. But AI is almost non-existent, so much so that you will see certain enemies moving in clear, predefined patterns, so they are not tactically interesting battles, and do not actually require you to make full use of the capabilities of all teams. As long as you use a slightly improved but still slow and awkward inventory system to regularly update your squad’s equipment, there are not many battles that might slow you down much on normal difficulty.

The enemy’s AI hardly exists.

Inventory management is still dragging down the pace and there is not much room for growth. Now, you can mark a bunch of items as junk items and sell them all when you arrive at the store. This undoubtedly greatly improves the convenience, but in addition, it also requires a lot of scrolling through a lot of items to find What you want. Given that you have the ability to change weapons and ammunition at any time, what makes me feel uneasy for a while is that whenever you need to use a shield or other resistance to fight against a new enemy, you can effectively encourage you to do so. The problem is that to pause the operation, select the menu item to change the graphics options, find the appropriate character and weapon, and then scroll through the list to find what you need. This is a lot when you are in a shootout, and it is a good idea to switch Mass Effect 2 to a capability-based ammo system.

I am playing in the new default “Legend” mode, which just means that the system only prompts you to stop and enter upgrade points at half the frequency of the “Classic” mode that is still available, and it feels like a lot is still happening. The reason I like this approach is that most personal points will only give you a negligible statistical improvement; this way, you can usually place enough points to unlock new things when you level up. The original “Mass Effect” has more old-school RPG statistics than its sequel, but it doesn’t seem to be asking you to compress any daunting numbers-just choose which skills in the selected class to enhance and unlock That’s it. I hope there is more space to make my Shepard feel like what I chose in class, because I have enough skill points to reach the limit of almost everything and make me feel homogeneous.

The real problem with Mako is that nothing you do in it will be very interesting.

Another outstanding change in the legendary version is the adjustment to the driving style of the Mako Landing Vehicle. To be sure, I appreciate its less annoying resilience, and it’s not so easy to cause instant death… But this made me realize that the real problem with Mako is that nothing you do in it is An interesting thing. The reason why the battle is unremarkable is that most of the enemies are basically sitting there, using two boring weapons to pick them out and shooting at you, while the rest are just from the large, open and mostly empty world map. From point A to point B, you can log in and explore. Making minor adjustments to reduce the penalty won’t save it, and it’s easy to see why BioWare sealed Mako in the next two games.Some other annoyances in the original version have been eliminated, so that you have to wonder why they even exist. For example, the hacking mini-game is the same as the original Xbox version (not the “Frogger” in the PC version). It is a simple Simon Says button press routine, but failure has no consequences-you can try to spend your Almighty Currency To unlock (or reload and save). In fact, during my entire game, I never used omni-gel to crack anything.