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Mass Effect 3 Dev explains the original termination plans and why they used controversial colors

Mass Effect Trilogy is one of the most beloved trilogy of all games, but the end of Mass Effect 3 is still split today, as it was in 2012. Now, a few members of BioWare’s development team have spoken about what the original ending plan was and why they used those controversial color choices.

These developers working on Mass Effect 3 People Make Games video “The story behind the ending of Mass Effect 3 is finally told” And they were very open about not only the actual ending of the game and what they were able to do, but also the reception for it finally going out.

Spoilers ahead of Mass Effect 3.

When talking about the ending of Mass Effect 3, they always bring up that they are more or less boiled down to the three choices that are usually represented by the colors blue, red, and green, but they are all very similar to each other. , It wasn’t. As expected, it takes the player’s choices into account.

According to former BioWare Montreal animation director Dave Wilkinson, I think these color choices were used early to help him distinguish between work in multiple endings and would actually be incorporated into the game. did not.

“According to Wilkinson, he chose these three colors as an easy way to distinguish his work in three endings, but he didn’t necessarily expect it to be the final product,” said People Make Games. Chris Bratt said. “In fact, he chose blue and red because he called what they were talking about first the” Paragon “and” Renegade “choices. Green was just … another one. “

Wilkinson continued to share a bit more about the initial work on the ending of Mass Effect 3, including the original plans. They aren’t fundamentally different from what eventually became part of Mass Effect 3, but one of the big changes is the reaper that finally confronts the shepherd, as opposed to the Catalyst / Intelligence / Star Child. Was related to the Queen of.

He shared the original plans for the endings for Paragon, Renegade and Synthesis and how everything started with Shepherd’s connection to Citadel.

“At that point, the shepherd was very much enhanced, like an electronic bit, and all this rest,” Wilconson said. “I actually had him connect to the citadel and talk to what is called the Reapers God in the virtual world. Do you think it was the Queen? And he had this conversation with the Queen, and The Queen basically said, “The way the reapers go, this is not sustainable, somehow somehow somehow somehow, we have to evolve, but we have our AI and so Can’t evolve due to restrictions on things.

“She was their queen, but they suggested that the Reapers didn’t like it, so they basically locked her up in the citadel and never heard her again. A chance to evolve everything. With, we can move everything forward. “

After this first conversation, Shepherd has several options, similar to those found in Mass Effect 3. However, the results are slightly different.

“So Renegade’s options were like Shepherd saying,’Go to f *** yourself.’ He tore himself from things and f ******… began to blow up the citadel room. Things are kept and it explodes the citadel. Because it was in the middle of doing something and he did it all, “Wilkinson said. “And the whole Citadel basically blows up and wipes out the Earth, but in the process he destroyed the Reaper and gave the organics a chance.”

The Paragon option was a little more hopeful and had the added benefit of turning the shepherd into a “Big King Reaper”.

The Paragon option was like, “I’m so great that I can control these reapers, so I use them for the right reason.” So the shepherd becomes a bit like a big king reaper, “Wilkinson continued. “You still said to the Queen,’f *** you’, but you did it because you became a grim reaper and could make the grim reaper a force for good.

The last option, Synthesis, is available to everyone and has an ending similar to that seen in one of Stargazer’s last scenes.

“And the ending that everyone could get was the composition that the Queen liked.” We used space magic to combine your best parts with my best parts into space. If you send it out, everything will change. Everyone will be affected by this and everyone will change, “Wilkinson said.

“I had a mom and a daughter sitting on a hill, and when I took a picture while drifting in the starry sky, the stars became blurry, and I refocused and became like a dandelion. A fluffy thing floats in the wind. But it all has a weird green color that looks like it’s coated with a circuit.

“Then we drifted, chased them, heard this woman explain to her daughter how we came to this place, and we reached them, they are like Assaris. But they’re a little Assaris a little different. She’s talking about how Shepherd improved everything and saved everyone from the Reapers. “

It’s also possible that some of the assets found in the game have been reused because of how the endings occurred very late in the development cycle, and because the endings are so expensive to create. That was also explained. In addition, film designer Zacharia Scott should have expected some receptions to the end, but shared that they simply did not.

“As you know, it’s Scorpion and Subzero,” Scott said when comparing two of Mortal Kombat’s most iconic fighters with the choice of ending color. “Two ninjas of two different colors. Look, it’s not a good fix, but we didn’t expect it to explode … that is, we should, completely It should have been, but we didn’t expect it to blow up completely. “

This internal observation of the Mass Effect 3 ending is worth a look, the fan reception to the ending, how the team was split about the released Extended Cut DLC, and how. The team was also sent green, red and blue cupcakes After the game is released, the letters a, b, and c will be displayed. Kicker? The cupcakes all tasted the same.

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