Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Masahiro Sakurai reveals how Sora finally became Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Part of the reason Kingdom Hearts Sora joined Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the last fighter is a coincidence.

The latest Masahiro Sakurai Famitsu column, @ translationPushDustIn When @Kodino Koro On Twitter, Smash Director pulled back the curtain on Sora’s inclusion.

According to the translation, Sakurai reiterated that getting Sora into the game is much more difficult than other fighters. However, Sakurai seemed to hit Disney’s representative at the award show and start a discussion that made Sora in Smash a reality.

Sora’s inclusion was completed later than Ultimate’s other DLC rosters. According to Sakurai, Fighters Pass 2 originally had only five fighters: Minmin, Steve, Sephiroth, Pila / Misura, and Kazuya. After a long debate between Nintendo, Square Enix and Disney, Fighters Pass has grown into six fighters.

This is a lap moment for Sora and Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura said Square Enix and Disney began talking about the Kingdom Hearts franchise when Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto met Disney executives in an elevator. Twenty years later, another chance encounter eventually led to Sora joining Ultimate’s roster.

Sora was the most requested fighter in the Smash 4 vote and finally joined Smash Ultimate as the last character in the game. After his announcement, the internet went crazy and #ThankYouSakurai tended to congratulate Sakurai and the entire Smash Ultimate team as they reached the end of development.

I don’t know what Sakurai is going to do next, but I’ve confirmed that he’ll play a little more games before he retires to Famitsu. Check out the final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster Super Cut for more information.

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