Monday, January 17th, 2022

Marvel’s Avengers was a “disappointing result,” according to Square Enix president.

Marvel’s Avengers hasn’t been the most popular since its launch last year, but the president of Square Enix has given us some words about the in-house reception.

Square Enix’s annual report In 2021, President Yosuke Matsuda stated that Marvel’s Avengers was an ambitious Games as a Service (GaaS) release. But the Avengers weren’t as successful as the company wanted.

“We overcame various unexpected difficulties in the final stages of game development, such as the shift to working from home due to a pandemic. We were able to overcome these challenges and release the game, but unfortunately it has not been proven. Hmm. I was as successful as I expected. “
Matsuda said Square Enix will learn from his experience at The Avengers and work on creating games that “match the unique attributes and tastes of the studio and development team.”

“Still, adopting the GaaS model highlights the challenges that future game development efforts may face, such as the need to choose a game design that suits the unique attributes and preferences of the studio and development team. “It became,” said Mr. Matsuda. “The new challenges we tackled in this title have had disappointing results, but we are confident that the GaaS approach will become more important as the game becomes more service-oriented.”

Matsuda doesn’t say that clearly, but he seems to think that Crystal Dynamics’ pedigree and certain skill sets didn’t fit well with Marvel’s Avengers’ GaaS service model. After all, the studio is best known for single-player games such as Tomb Raider’s restart. The developers are also working with initiatives on Perfect Dark Reboot, which is probably a single-player game.

As if this revelation wasn’t bad enough, Crystal Dynamics yesterday removed the paid XP booster from the in-game marketplace after fan backlash.

George Jan is a freelance writer for IGN. Follow him on Twitter @ yinyangfooey