Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Marvel’s Avengers Universe Cube event has arrived

The future is at stake. The Avengers need to work together to take down the highest scientist before she brings the end of the world. The new “Department of Overcoming Possible Villains” and “Cosmic Threat Events” are now available!

Traces of cosmic energy have been circulating around the world, which allowed the Avengers to find Monica’s secret weapon-tracking these cosmic features is the beginning of overcoming the possibility. You will trace the traces of the heavily guarded AIM facility, and then fight to the last room, which contains a huge, mysterious and undoubtedly powerful cube. This is the true face of the Cosmos Cube, the Omega Project. Monica can’t wait to show you its power in the final battle of the villain zone.

This is a brand new battle, unlike any battle we have created before. Although the future is always uncertain to some extent, with the Cosmic Cube development skills of chief designer Jason Botta, you can confidently prepare and overcome difficulties! Here are some tips on how to win from the chaos:

  • The divide and conquer strategy will become an ally in this battle. You will soon notice that a lot of things are happening in the Universe Cube room at the same time, which may lead to chaotic confrontation, and if you are not prepared, you will fail.Take the turret out first before doing other things, because if you let them hang around, they will be painful
  • The first group of elite enemies will fight fiercely. Focus on one protected enemy one at a time-draw them away from others in order to knock them down one by one before they defeat you.
  • Finally, in the Power Core room, it may be useful to have your team quickly split and destroy the core before being overwhelmed by enemy combatants.

In addition, the showdown took place in a colorful, unstable and picturesque arena that has not yet been Marvel Avengers. Digital photographers, please make sure to bring your camera and take some pictures there!

Winning odds can now be used on the snow tundra war table, and can be played with any hero with a strength level of 35+.

Intro Mission Chain Rewards includes a hero outfit, a DNA key, three Polychorons, and a piece of equipment with a quality that matches your strength level. The equipment generated by the weekly task chain rewards depends on the power level, 15 Polychorons, a DNA key and one piece of equipment adjusted according to your power level.Repeated completion (task chain has been completed) will provide you with a piece of equipment whose quality is proportional to your strength level

Marvel Avengers

The cosmic threat event will be aligned with the ongoing villain sector and will end on July 8. According to the name of the event, you will be filled with cosmic energy and it will not produce a trivial impact. Cosmic Threat Event will take you around the world and perform various new tasks.

Secondary mission rewards (8 in total, one theme for each hero) require the use of specific hero abilities or the completion of general objectives. If the hero’s PL is lower than 120, completing these tasks will reward the theme hero with a scaled quality equipment. If the hero’s PL is 120+, you will be rewarded by Tachyon Exotic.

Main mission-cosmic threat You will be required to defeat the new villain sector, defeat a large number of enemies in the cosmic threat sector, and cause a lot of sweet cosmic damage. Rewards include a new animation team nameplate and hero-specific equipment.

We look forward to hearing your love for the Cosmic Cube event and looking forward to all the quality content you create from it! Share your favorite cube-destroying buildings and ethereal photos with us on our social channels and official Discord servers. See you in the future!

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Marvel’s Avengers is an epic third-person action-adventure game that combines original movie stories with single-player and cooperative gameplay*. Take the essential superhero gaming experience to another level! Marvel’s Avengers will be available for next-generation game consoles at no additional cost. * This version will have extensive improvements in visual effects and speed, and will be backward compatible with single player and multiplayer games. Marvel’s Avengers has a beautiful world full of exquisite details. Compared with the previous generation, heroes, destruction, graphic fidelity and frame rate have been improved. You will not miss any of them. Get directly into the action with fast loading times and be struck by the amazing details of enhanced destructive visual effects that put Heroics truly in your hands. Marvel’s Avengers will support save file transfers and cross-generational games, so you can continue where you left off and continue to fight AIM with your favorite superhero squad. We are very happy to announce the next generation of consoles in Marvel’s Avengers! Marvel’s Avengers utilizes Smart Delivery technology-buy a game once and you can play it on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. Marvel’s Avengers on Xbox Series X|S is now available! *** *Single player campaign requires one-time online access; multiplayer games and online access permissions required to download post-release content. A free Square Enix membership account is required. Online subscription fees for specific platforms may be required. *Upgrading from the disk version will require the next generation version of the same console with the disk drive. **The points you purchase can be used for the Xbox Series X|S console version of Marvel’s Avengers. Please note that the Credit you have will be synchronized with your Microsoft account, and the wallet will be shared through both platforms.