Crystal Dynamics, the developer of Marvel’s Avengers, has confirmed that the PlayStation-only Spider-Man DLC will provide story content and cutscenes when it makes its long-awaited debut.

As discovered by MP1STDan Matlack, Senior Producer of Crystal Dynamics, has answered a fan question about the official Marvel’s Avengers. Discord server It asked if everyone’s favorite webhead would come with his own story. “Spider-Man is what we call an” event, “so he certainly has cutscenes and stories,” Matrack replied.

After that, Matrac gave fans a glimpse into the details of the game’s first raid. In this raid, players fight Claw, the main villain of Marvel’s Avengers final expansion. War for Wakanda.. As part of the discussion, Matlack reassured fans that the raid might have some familiar environment, but it would be a “unique” experience.

Marvel’s Avengers first confirmed Spider-Man’s appearance in the game last August-although it’s controversial as a PlayStation exclusive character. At that time, it was understood that the characters would appear during the release period in early 2021. However, when Spider-Man’s introduction was delayed and a long silence from the studio fell around the character, fan concerns arose.

However, earlier this month, Marvel’s Avengers’ new roadmap confirmed that developers plan to release Spider-Man by the end of 2021.

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