Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Marvel Galaxy Guardian: Cloud Version Review (Switch eShop)

A terrible way to play a very good game. This almost summarizes our thoughts on this cloud version of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy on Switch. If you previously rated cloud versions such as Hitman 3 and The Forgotten City as worth the time and money, be aware that streaming has its own set of failures. You can’t cut mustard in Marvel’s action-packed adventures.

It’s a game packed with busy combat sequences, sequences that get fierce as the story progresses, and we’ve found that even a perfect 5G wireless connection, or an ultra-fast wired connection, can cause non-stop issues. Input lag There are stutters, large resolution drops, complete freezes and disconnects. Frankly, when you pay out a ridiculous £ 60 or $ for a privilege, you often get a message that the server is currently tense as your experience turns into a slideshow … well, to say the least. But it’s annoying.

The level traverse here consists mostly of a simple platform and some tricky obstacle negotiations, which is a chore. Hovering over an item to pick it up can be a hassle. Shooting a Star-Lord Pyu Pyu Pistol will result in hits and mistakes. QTE (which happens frequently) can be very frustrating because the input is not registered on time and you die as a result. Other versions of the game have instant restarts, and this cloud version has annoyingly long load times. This is the worst way to experience a much better game.

It’s really disappointing as it is being played on other platforms. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is an absolute pleasure. Even if you’re not a big fan of MCUs (and this writer is certainly pretty cold in that increasingly slack movie world), there’s a lot to enjoy here. For our money, these characters James Gunn’s theatrical expeditions, constant loud laughing funny dialogues, brilliant acting, and awesome ridiculously colorful and eccentric alien planets to explore. With a prestigious writing, it’s a game that takes you on the right adventure, making you feel like you’re part of a real wacky misfit crew that you care about in a campaign of about 20 hours. It all feels refreshingly rationalized. This is a straightforward single-player experience without unnecessary bloating and without artificially enhancing things in multiplayer or other modes.

Combat, the weakest part of the game, is cluttered and fairly simple, but still suitable for the character’s rough, tumble, adaptable and surviving style, and a knockabout that gives you the opportunity to take control of each guardian in turn. I’m looking forward to defeating a group of enemies. You take on the role of Peter Quill, also known as Starlord, who can boost the sky above a swarm of enemies and fire rapid-fire blaster shots that dig into enemy health bars, but use other gang members by holding them. You can also press the “L” button and dispatch it anywhere on the battlefield where you need to be careful. Groot can bring together groups of bad guys and break in and bring them closer without fear of retaliation. Gamora does a lot of damage to ninja attacks. Rockets offer explosive attack options, and Drax … chops big things into small pieces.

All of these various Guardian skills are also used in fairly simple but satisfying environmental puzzles that pop up as you progress through the levels. Cut ropes with Gamora’s Ninja Slices, lift obstacles with Drax, put rockets in small spaces to activate doors, and more.

During combat, team abilities work with a cooldown system. It’s something you’ve never experienced in other games, but the fighting here is clearly improved by how stupid it is. There are no scraps that aren’t played primarily because of laughter, and the constant witty jokes between Guardians when you fight mercifully never grate. Many of them are context-sensitive and don’t feel like they were thrown together. Instead, it complements the actions you decide when you fight and makes you feel like you’re actually part of a team. Always.

There is also a required suite of skills and perks to unlock. All of this requires scanning and investigating the level of loot that can be collected, which is not a chore. Gathering what you need for a rocket kit is not that difficult. With some new gun skills, each guardian’s unlockable power is thick enough and fast enough that the battles won’t be too the same before trying new ones.

Here too, there’s great art direction to capture breathtaking alien views, stunningly colorful environments, and truly distorted, and often hilarious enemy designs. I feel like I’m participating in a whistle-stop on a very strange part of a very wacky galaxy. And it’s all backed by a story that was able to properly roll towards the finale of the mudcap, become personal and sometimes very emotional, while at the same time being able to squeeze a lot of laughter and a lot of team ties. increase.

Not to mention the great soundtrack, it’s also our negligence. An absolute feast for your ear holes, it’s full of classic rock anthems to play in your leisure in the game’s ship hub area, and often the perfect back to some of the bigger of the game The boss fights, which appears as ground noise-and a comedy relief with perfect timing.

Overall, we like this game. We like it very much, and if we are reviewing it on another platform, it will bring back a high score. However, everything we say to praise Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy isn’t important at all. If you choose to play through this Switch cloud version, you will have a frustrating, very disappointing and unreasonably expensive experience.Yes, you may be a little luckier than us — we can only review what we have encountered (although we were playing with) very Solid connection) —Sometimes it looks great and even cuts you some slack in terms of stuttering and lag, but it’s a very unreliable experience that it never feels comfortable and satisfying after all. If you have an option, we strongly recommend that you select it on other platforms. If the only option is a switch, it’s a good idea to steer it clearly enough.


Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a great game, a fun and colorful adventure full of great writing, great acting, and quirky action and exploration to dig into. However, this Switch cloud version provides a really annoying, delayed and unreliable experience even when played over a very robust and ultra-fast internet connection, so we’re generous with it. I rarely admire it. In short, it’s a dire and ridiculously expensive way to play a very good and valuable game. If possible, pick it up on another platform to avoid this confusion satisfactorily.