MARVEL Future Fight game play system is far beyond expectations

MARVEL Future Fight game play system is far beyond expectations

The depth of MARVEL Future Fight game play system is far beyond my expectations. On the one hand, it inherits the most fascinating elements of the marvel series; on the other hand, it subverts the routine of the former, making the process of play more variable and surprising.

Strict physical constraints are the key to maintaining a difficult battle experience in marvel games, but MARVEL Future Fight has fundamentally overturned all this. This game has no physical limitations at all. Both sides of the game can continue to attack, roll or defend with impunity. The game is used to replace the core position of the physical trough, which is a new “posture” system. Its operation principle is somewhat like the “vertigo trough” in the new “God of War”. As long as the enemy’s posture trough is accumulated, it can be executed directly, whether the other party is ordinary monsters or closed BOSS. Conversely, if the player’s stand value is full, it will fall to the ground directly and show a huge flaw – which is undoubtedly fatal when it is in a circle with a powerful enemy.

Compared with the shelf potential value, the importance of life value in MARVEL Future Fight is even in the second place. For BOSS and elite geeks, even if they are emptied, they will not die immediately, because they can only be executed when their shelves are full. The main effect of blood volume is actually to affect the recovery rate of character posture: the higher the residual blood volume, the faster the recovery, and vice versa, the slower the recovery. To be fair, life value is actually a relatively rigid quantitative index, and the residual blood volume comparison between the enemy and ourselves directly reflects the direction of the war situation to a large extent. The design of stand value has brought me the most obvious experience improvement, which is to break the original stable rhythm – you have more chances to fight back when you are in the limelight, and there is greater risk of inadvertent inadequacy when you are in excellent condition and have sufficient resources. MARVEL Future Fight brings me more variables and dramatic effects than any previous marvel game.

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Compared with previous works, MARVEL Future Fight has become more flexible in action. On the one hand, the protagonist can jump directly in the longitudinal direction and climb up the lower wall. On the other hand, the rope hook allows you to shuttle and walk directly between buildings. This makes checkpoints and maps more three-dimensional, more exploratory and more open. The stealth system is therefore more appropriate: you can skillfully avoid the enemy and reach the target through the eaves; you can also stealth back stabbing or falling attacks to directly solve the ordinary enemy. In combat scenarios, players can also take very flexible evasive actions by jumping and hooking, or capture the commanding heights flexibly and quickly, thus gaining tactical advantage.

What is more important,you can resurrect immediately after the first death and return half of your blood to fight. Considering that the enemy will immediately relax its vigilance and walk away after “killing” you, you can even use your “death” to plan a clever sneak attack. At first glance, this seems to dramatically reduce the difficulty of the game, but it is important to note that the game’s elite and BOSS have the same resurrection ability as you do – so, whether the difficulty of the game is really reduced, it is not easy to say. But we can sure that you can make the game play more easily with MARVEL Future Fight Cheats.

From the experience of play, I think this mechanism makes the fighting rhythm clearer and clearer, and greatly enriches the original single meaning of “death”. For example, when I first fell down, I could decide whether it was necessary to continue the challenge based on my current state and the amount of remaining resources; in the BOSS war, every dead node meant a phase change, and the players could adjust their action mode and state in a planned way.