Monday, May 16th, 2022

Marvel Avengers: Spider-Man Limited Hands-on Preview

Finally, on November 30, Spider-Man is swinging towards the Marvel Avengers. If you’re playing on the PlayStation, that’s right. I’ve been looking forward to using his abilities by actually participating in Crystal Dynamics’ latest platform-specific roster for two hours and getting a chance to see everything the Web Slinger offers. I was a little worried, what am I actually doing with them?

The introduction of Peter Parker’s Avengers is a bit different from the previous DLC characters Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, and Black Panther. Spidey, called a “hero event” rather than an “operation,” doesn’t have its own story mission, but instead feels like a character participating in a roster of hero shooters. He is a friend who has accumulated the ability to be a good companion to come to dinner parties, even though he didn’t want to bring his own food or even a bottle of wine for others to enjoy.

Marvel Avengers Spider-Man-Trailer Screenshot

Like all other Avengers, Spider-Man comes with its own move set and slots to get you ready for desperate action. With a combat style that focuses primarily on quick evasion, perfect evasion, and quick fire melee attacks, he is somewhat similar to the more agile Black Panther. Many of his strikes are your standard punches and kicks, but sometimes more “Spidey-like” contextual animations are triggered. For example, if you swing quickly to the chest of AIM’s growl with both feet, the character.

Like the other Avengers, he also has three heroic abilities. Web bombs cause range of damage and naturally help control crowds, but give enemies a new webbed status effect. When its status effect bar is full, webbed enemies are powerless and much easier to defeat.

He is somewhat like the more agile Black Panther.


The Spider Drone is a patrol AI companion that shoots the web at enemies wandering within a radius. You can choose to instruct a specific area of ​​the battle to roam, or set it to follow mode to provide some flexibility on the battlefield.

Finally, Spider-Man’s ultimate ability, the wrecking ball. In effect, a giant web ball that hits the ground and damages nearby people works like Thor’s bifrost ability, but is much less reliable. It turned out to be particularly devastating when it hits, but it’s often very difficult to aim, so it’s frustrating to miss the target quite often. Of course, you can change all of these abilities to suit your playing style. My favorite is to tweak the wrecking balls that cover Spider-Man’s hands and feet with a web like boxing gloves to inflict additional stat damage on each consecutive hit.

Spider-Man feels great in combat, but this isn’t surprising at all. Hero design wasn’t a problem with Marvel’s Avengers. Sadly, the same can’t be said at all about how it feels to play as Spider-Man outside the battle. In this preview build, we swung the East Coast region closest to Peter’s Native Queen and Future Wasteland Biome. For Spider-Man’s fluid movement, a very high bar is set by Insomniac, but even with some headroom allowed, the Avengers are farther away.

If you choose the “Shake off anything” method, Spider-Man will effectively shake from the glass ceiling in the air. To be fair to Crystal Dynamics, this is the only viable option, and most of the Avengers locations are in rural areas. Letting Peter Bunny jump over snow and desert is not something everyone enjoys. Developers also don’t have the luxury of being able to design the entire city around Spider-Man’s mechanics like Insomniac. Nonetheless, there is some magic there, especially in the first 1-2 swings each time it is fired in the air. But when Parker hits his face against the glass ceiling and loses momentum, the magic often evaporates quickly and rudely.

Swinging reasonably high in the air and trying to hit that invisible barrier breaks all illusions.


The lack of true swing freedom is noticeable and may be unfair to compare to the Insomniac version, but it’s honestly doubtful if the swing feels better than the PlayStation 2’s Spider-Man 2. Swinging reasonably high in the air and trying to hit that invisible barrier breaks all illusions. This also affects wall driving and prevents you from climbing above the 15th floor like an out-of-service elevator. It can stay low and gain some momentum, but it shows a lot of ambition and encounters quite limiting forces.

Described Spider-Man’s arrival as a “hero event” rather than an “operation” is basically a code for “not expecting a story mission” and that’s exactly what you get. Aside from the shortcut scene that introduces Spider-Man to other members of the team, the rest I’ve seen about Peter’s plot line about a suspicious chemical company is the audio files (mostly electronic) taken after a particular purpose was completed. It was communicated through (reading emails and text messages). These are all standard Avengers fares familiar to long-term players, such as performing 25 power attacks or playing any two missions. Except for the HARM Room tutorial, there is no new mission content here, but the long-awaited Klaw Raid will be dropped on the same day. Of course, if you want to use Spider-Man, you’ll have to spend dozens of hours first leveling up Spider-Man.

The lack of content is undoubtedly frustrating and will leave anyone hoping to play a new set of Spider-Man story missions disappointed. He was well voiced by Sean Chiplock (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Revali), but he doesn’t do much except for minimal cutscenes in combat and rare accidental voice lines. .. If this is the kind of treatment they are receiving, the coming of future heroes is not a good omen (if any). If the new characters from this point are here just to play the same robot-filled corridor that I’ve already played more than enough, it’s not enough for me to get excited about their arrival ..

Marvel’s Avengers Spider-Man Costume

But one thing that Spider-Man doesn’t lack is the costume. The latest addition to Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel Kinematic Universe comes with about 40 suits that can be purchased in premium currency and earned through the Hero Challenge Card. There are all the colors you can imagine and the favorites of cartoon fans such as Spider Noir suits. It is clear that great attention has been paid to the curation and design of these costumes. So it’s a shame that it doesn’t look like the same attention is being paid elsewhere for new missions and Spidey traversals. ..

Spider-Man has been to Marvel’s Avengers for a long time and it’s still unclear if it’s worth the wait. But for now, his addition feels more like a promise to be fulfilled by clenching his teeth than being delivered with a smile.

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