Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Marvel Avengers has added a paid XP boost and fans are in Uproar

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have added the option to use real money to pay XP and resource collection boosts at Marvel’s Avengers. This move is planned by many fans who believe it is in stark contrast to previous statements made about the game’s monetization tactics.

The recent addition of Marvel’s Avengers to the Xbox Game Pass may have added a variety of new players to the game. However, for existing fans, the more annoying reality is that the in-game marketplace will offer the option to buy boost-based “consumables” shortly after the news that the game has moved to a new platform. Continued. Earn with real money.

As reported by VGC, You can purchase new consumables for the game to temporarily increase the amount of XP and resources a player can get while playing the game. This essentially allows for faster progress as long as fans are willing to spend real money.

News of changes in monetization tactics left fans Marvel Avengers Subreddit In the turmoil, many feel that this move is in direct contrast to the number of previous comments that a “pay-to-win” style system will never be introduced into the game. ..

Prior to the game’s release, studio leader Scot Amos talked about his approach to monetizing the game: GamesIndustry.biz, “In terms of how we monetize, there are cosmetics. There is no gameplay paywall.” As seen in subreddit, Blog post A similar statement written on the game’s website in September 2020 said: “The content available for real money at Marvel’s Avengers is an aesthetic only addition that will keep the game fresh for the next few years.”

Members of the gaming community have been angry over the decision, but many community members aren’t particularly surprised. Many community members claim that they have expected this move since the game changed XP progression earlier this year. “I saw it when I announced XPnerf seven months ago,” says user echild07.

The developer’s decision to renegotiate previous comments, whether fans expected the decision or not, seems too far for some. “It was uninstalled today. Don’t worry about coming back for Spider-Man,” says one user. “I don’t mind supporting a company that isn’t honest. I won’t buy another Crystal Dynamics game again.”

In other Marvel’s Avengers News, Crystal Dynamics recently announced that the next Spider-Man DLC will include additional stories and cutscenes when the character is released to PlayStation users later this year. Check out our review for more information on Marvel’s Avengers.

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