Monday, November 29th, 2021

Marvel Avengers finally gets Spider-Man release date

After months of waiting, the COVID-19 pandemic makes it even more complicated, and Spider-Man finally arrives on November 30th at Marvel’s Avengers, dedicated to PlayStation players.

Spider-Man will be released as part of the Spider-Man: With Great Power Hero event at The Avengers in Marvel. The event tells the story of Spider-Man through unlockable challenges.

Surprisingly, Square Enix announced the release date announcement as just a small part of its broader part. Content roadmap update It was released on Thursday.

Marvel’s Avengers new content roadmap.

In Spider-Man’s story mode, Peter Parker discovers that AIM plans to acquire technology that makes the robot army invincible, and urges Spider-Man to join forces with Marvel and Black Widow. One of Spider-Man’s major conflicts throughout his journey is whether to remain a solo superhero or to help the Avengers initiative.

Spider-Man dedicated to PlayStation caused considerable controversy In Marvel’s Avengers player community, I’m afraid he’s not a very real character, as only some players have access to him. Marvel’s Avengers on Game Pass on both Xbox and PC Just last September, I just widened the gap.

Screenshot of Marvel’s Avengers Black Panther-E32021

Thankfully, the November 30th update will bring some new features to all players.New Klaw raid set after the event War for Wakanda The Avengers return to the Vibranium Mound and completely defeat Claw.

Other things you can expect are:

  • Crystal Dynamics has increased the maximum player power level from 150 to 175.
  • With gear recycling, if you want to maintain your current look, you can recycle more powerful gear to boost your current gear.
  • Shipment: A new pass for players to acquire cosmetics and other items through gameplay. Shipping costs 500 units (in-game currency) and is taken from the collection of in-game items. It may contain costumes that cannot be obtained otherwise. Thankfully, you can see what’s shipped before you buy, and you’re guaranteed to get a special outfit for every 100 shipments. Crystal Dynamics says it will share more information about this feature in the future.
  • Weekly Goal for each hero: You can now farm rewards for each hero instead of using only one hero per week to farm challenges. Crystal Dynamics says it is considering applying this change to other parts of Marvel’s Avengers.

We have to wait if Spider-Man really shakes Marvel’s Avengers community. So far, Square Enix had some unfriendly words about the adventures of game superheroes as a troubled service. Publishers called negative acceptance of the game a “disappointing result.” This means that Crystal Dynamics’ roots as a single-player game studio weren’t well aligned with its gaming projects as a service.

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