Monday, May 16th, 2022

Mark Hamill reveals new game as host of “Thunderful World”

A world-renowned Star Wars star, a beloved voice actor, and a versatile egg, Mark Hamill hosts the debut game showcase event by developer and publisher Thunderful Games. increase.

Luke Skywalker himself on November 10th will be on a variety of platforms (Firegirl, Cursed to Golf, Source of Madness,) from the former indie team Thunderful. Tinker Town When White Shadow) And some all-new publications (er …, What exactly did you expect to see in these parentheses?).

The event will be livestreamed on November 10th at regular locations (YouTube and Twitches). Pacific Standard Time 11am / Eastern Standard Time 2pm / Greenwich Mean Time 7pm / Central European Standard Time 8pm.. Sarah Bond, Corporate Vice President of Xbox, will be joining Thunderful Group CEO Brj√°nn Sigurgeirsson (Microsoft sponsors the event).

I think it’s limited to Game Pass Gunk It works heavily, but there are many things that switch owners are looking forward to. Thunderful has always been a solid supporter of Nintendo hardware. Especially in the Steam World series, which is the main product of Image & Form, we can expect juicy announcements.

Thunderful World

Are you excited to tune to this? Mark Hamill really wants to hear the word “Nintendo Switch”. Please let us know if you would like to see it below.