The Mario Party series has a history of 23 years, and certainly highs and lows make up a significant proportion. Highs represent some of the most fun playing local multiplayer games with friends, and lows … well, and much the opposite. Thankfully, Mario Party Superstars celebrates only the best moments this longtime franchise has had. Integrate 100 of the most fun mini-games, 5 great boards from the first 3 Mario Party games, and some of the best rules, mechanics, and quality of life improvements into one switch game. Without friends, it’s still boring, of course, and not all mini-games deserve the “superstar” label, but overall, this is the best Mario Party has done for a very long time. is.

The 2018 Super Mario Party represents a “going back to the basics” shift in the series, and Mario Party Superstars took that idea a step further by focusing on the N64 and the early GameCube era. There are no motion-controlled mini-games, item capsules, character-specific custom dice blocks, recruiting companions, and of course party cars. Only four players roll the dice in turn, move along the virtual game board, play mini-games to earn coins, and use those coins to buy stars. It’s been a while since I played a Mario Party game without any special tricks, but this simplicity was incredibly refreshing and I didn’t miss having something to confuse the formula.

It helps the five boards to be some of the best designed in Mario Party history. Yoshi’s Tropical Island is an excellent starter board with an easy-to-understand layout and a fun twist that includes exchanging Starmarkers between the two islands. There is no doubt that it will lead to broken hearts and uplifting among friends as well. Space Land, on the other hand, can be relied upon when you want to play without a game-changing board mechanic and get a pure virtual board game experience. Peach’s birthday cake offers a completely different style of play by keeping the stars in one position and watering them where coins and piranha plants that steal stars can be planted. Woody Woods forces you to think about some steps as the arrows that follow different paths are constantly changing. And finally, Horrorland is my personal favorite for its fun day / night mechanics and King Boo who can steal stars from all other players … Skeleton Keys and 150 coins. To get and it reach him during the night. It’s an insane Hail Mary Pass for Mary to win, but if you manage it, it’s going to be an unforgettable story for you and your friends.

Screenshots of Mario Party Superstars

The developer NdCube has done a great job of bringing both the look and sound of these boards to the latest standards. The character model looks pretty much the same as it did at the Super Mario Party three years ago, but the remade board is completely detailed, and Peach’s birthday cake looks surreal and delicious, decorating the straight path around it. A cake that clearly stands out thanks to the nice snacks. Not only did almost every board and 100 mini-games undergo dramatic visual transformations, but new instrumental arrangements were added to every song that accompanies them. is not. You can also unlock songs from the store and listen to both classic and modern versions of each in the data house. This is because the N64 songs are still holding up, while the latest version is better.

With another Mario Party 3 board, the whole package feels more robust.


But while all the boards are impressive, one unfortunate thing is that there are still only five.Or teeth It’s more than four disastrous steps offered by Super Mario Party, but it’s still not comparable to almost every numbered Mario Party game in the past that included six in most cases. Just adding another board from Mario Party 3 will greatly help increase the robustness of the package and even out the boards of the three N64 games at the same time.

Mini game madness

At the heart of a great Mario Party game is a mini-game. Fortunately, most of the 100 cherry-picked games from all the numbered entries in the series will not be disappointed. Some favorites include unprecedented classics such as Bumper Balls, Shy Guy Says, Hot Rope Jump, Revers-A-Bomb and Booksquirm. What makes these games so good is their pure simplicity plus a little twist. Bumperball, for example, is literally a game where you hit your rivals against a small circular platform while riding a bouncy ball. However, the twist is that you need to put yourself in a dangerous position by gaining momentum and hitting near the edge in order to knock off your opponent. This gives you the best position to hit yourself.

And while there are some picks that may not come to mind right away, the versatility they bring to the table makes it a great choice in the end. Honeycomb Havoc is a game where you pick one or two fruits at a time in order to keep you from being forced to grab a honeycomb, but it’s not the most exciting game in the world based on what’s happening on the screen. maybe. However, the metagame that’s happening between you and your friends has become one of my favorites throughout the pack, as you can see their defeats or wins a few steps ahead.

Very few, if any, completely unexploded ordnance. That said, there are some mini-games that feel like a waste of space if you include both because they are so close to each other. Both Leaf Leap and What Goes Up race upwards by flipping the platform up as fast as possible. Both Pokey Pummel and Mecha Marathon can press one or more buttons very quickly. Both roll calls and goomba spotting count what is displayed on the screen. Everything is a fun game and not exactly the same, but one of these, given that classic mini-games such as Platform Peril, Locked Out, and Running of the Bulb didn’t make the final cut. You won’t be a little disappointed with the grip. Double up.

Very few, if any, mini-games are completely unexploded.


My only other complaint about choosing a mini-game is that many of the 1v3 mini-games are distorted to prefer either single player or a group of three, so it’s not very interesting for either. For example, in Piranha’s Pursuit, when you’re in a team of three, you don’t feel like you’re in a mini-game, when you’re not a shooter, Archer-ival feels aggressively terrible, and Tidal Toss almost feels. not. It is impossible to win as a solo player if one of the three teams is fine. Oh, and there’s a tug of war that destroys the iconic N64 controller.This actually requires an in-game warning, Joy-Con or Your hand..

That said, there are some really great 1v3 mini-games like tackle takedowns. Tackle Takedown is a soccer mini-game where a team of three is trying to tackle a single player who can kick them out using three burst speeds. Their boots. But the majority were overwhelming, and I always groaned when I saw one coming.

Get everything back

Mario Party Superstars hasn’t done much new to the series. This is perfectly fine for me, given that I’m regaining a lot of what I loved and missed in recent Mario Party games. For example, a star with 20 coins instead of 10 coins was a big problem at the Super Mario Party. It was too easy for everyone to buy a star in the game, which actually hampered the actual board game strategy and made it very important to recruit friends to roll the dice. In addition, the Duel mini-game is back, making the last five turns even more exciting by giving you and your enemies the opportunity to grab the coins you bet and challenge the high-stakes one-on-one mini-game. Helps to do. And of course, the chance time is back. This brings all sorts of confusion to the mix.

Bonus stars can be set in the classic style of on, off, and even always collecting the most coins, winning the most mini-games, and / or going out to those who land in the most event spaces. You can, but Mario Party means that luck is always a factor, despite all these options. Try as much as you can. It is not possible to completely release the hold in all games. This is part of the magic. It is absolutely possible that the person with the fewest wins in a mini-game will win the overall victory by stealing the victory from the person who led most of the match in the last few seconds. Yeah, that may feel bad for some people for now, but the joy you get from Mario Party Superstars isn’t about winning or losing. It comes from the hilarious interaction it draws from me and my friends. It does it with reliability that is unmatched by most other games.

Mario Party Superstars, like most people, draws cheerful interactions from me and my friends.


Playing locally in the same room is clearly ideal, but Mario Party Superstars also has a fairly solid suite of online options. Standard party mode has both matchmaking with random players and a private lobby where you can invite certain friends, and if someone drops out, the bot controls the character until they can reconnect. You can also make an interesting selection of emote stickers. Tell your rivals exactly what you think of Boo stealing a hard-earned star. There is also Mt. Minigames, which offers a variety of modes for playing mini games a la carte. In the limited amount of testing I could do before launch, lag was certainly a prominent factor in one of my sessions, especially in reflex-intensive games like Hot Rope Jump and Bill Blasters, but online. The play was generally fun and serviceable.