Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Mario Party Superstars Commercial generously promotes Switch Online App voice chat

Mario Party Superstars It’s been out in the wild for the past few weeks, offering a lot of classic mini-games and boards to Switch’s new audience. We enjoyed it in the reviews. He emphasized that the original content is blended with all sorts of modern conveniences, including better AI, glossy HD visuals, and online play.

Online play is there after arriving late from the first day of this latest release Super Mario Party, And the trailer posted by Nintendo UK (above) emphasizes that four attractive individuals play online and then rematch directly. This is the standard price for Nintendo game ads, but that’s okay.

However, Something caught our eye.This ad shows voice chat in online play, so there was no doubt who was creating it Mandatory We suggest that these players use the Nintendo Switch Online app on their mobile phones. Do you remember the NSO app? Do you still have it on your phone / tablet? Well, it still exists and can certainly support voice chat in this game.

It’s subtle, but I’m sure you’re not using Discord or a similar app like most people who squint at Shot’s phone and try online switch games-no, it’s its official app.

The Switch Online app feels like it’s been discontinued a long time ago, but game support and updates remain. Of course, Nintendo plans to spend a huge amount of money improving the services and infrastructure of its Nintendo Account-hoping that the not-so-distant future voice chat in Nintendo games will be closer to the 2020s solution. increase.

Please let us know if you are using the Switch Online app for voice charts … wait, What are we talking about?