Nintendo released this week Second wave of booster course pass DLC for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, including Sky High Sundae — An all-new addition to the Mario Kart franchise.

Nintendo’s announcement Followed up with a video that took the internet by surpriseIt has been revealed that Coconut Mall, the first course introduced on the Wii, will be updated slightly. The final obstacle you face when you do) does a chaotic donut spin to slow the player down.

This stuff is most commonly seen, so here’s a linked video showing the update and how the Shy Guys go off course and attempt a donut spin.

A video that shows Princess Peach getting slammed into coy after being blown up with a red shell has gone viral and is currently generating over 33,000 likes and over 700,000 views.

The internet clearly couldn’t resist the meme potential of this latest gem.

@TheNCSmaster tweets this hilarious video A comparison of how the Shy Guys compete in basically the same donut spinning competition that Mordecai and Rigby enter in order to make a cameo appearance on their favorite cop show on an episode of the regular show Carter and Briggs.

@ElliotDuby didn’t exactly call Seoulbut he referenced an episode of Breaking Bad in which Walter White goes crazy doing a donut spin in Walt Jr.’s red Dodge Challenger SRT8.

But the most hilarious was the out-of-context Ronald McDonald page@McDonaldsOOC, tweeting this funny video of good old Ron spinning on a weird McDonald’s phone.

But of course, the meme possibilities are endless and this is just a highlight of the over 2,800 quoted tweets attached, so check out the rest yourself in the original tweet linked above!

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