Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Mario Golf: Super Rush’s split screen will be limited to two players per Switch

Mario Golf: Super Rush is only a few weeks away from launching on Nintendo Switch, and it looks like it might be the perfect choice for families and groups of friends to enjoy together. However, if you are keen to try the game’s new Speed ​​Golf mode, it looks like you may need to take turns.

The game offers multiple modes, some are single player (golf adventure and single challenge), some are multiplayer (standard golf, speed golf and combat golf). If you have seen the footage of the game, you will know that those who want to play with friends can use the four-player multiplayer game, but a closer look at Nintendo’s official website will reveal a warning.

You see, four-player games are only available in certain situations, depending on the way you choose to play.Confusingly, Nintendo’s North America website List all multiplayer game modes as “2 players per system”, which makes you think that you can only use the four-player game if you match online with others.This Japanese website To be more clear, however, please note that up to four players can play on one console by taking turns and passing controllers, but any split screen situation will be limited to two people.

Therefore, although all multiplayer modes of the game should allow players to play at the same time, you will only Really This can only be done when two people are playing. As for the speed golf mode that completely revolves around simultaneous playing, it seems that a four-player local game is simply impossible.

Hey, look, if you can afford everyone's console and game copy, everything will be fine!
Hey, look, if you can afford everyone’s console and game copy, everything will be fine! (image: Nintendo)

To be honest, it’s a shame-Speed ​​Golf looks like it can have four-person Mario party-style magic in the right company-but unless a post-release update solves this problem, we only seem to have to endure two people or jump online . At least, the gameplay itself will look interesting.

Is the four-person split screen a major event for your family, or will this news affect your plans? Please let us know by leaving a comment below.